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Kuro-chan's Avatar

Birthdate: 1980
Birthplace: Canada

Also known in other places as: Kuro Neko


Just an old kuro who grew up during the glory days of gaming (AKA the 80's and 90's). Likes to dig through games and see if he can find anything curious for his little old paws to claw up, debug, and uncover.

Other interests include:

  • Baking and cooking
  • Pixel art
  • Making Javascript games
  • Sequencing music
  • Writing various stories and concepts

I am big into making stuff and I have a bit of pride in what I do since I think some of it turns out rather well, so if I come across as annoying in the IRC channel, I apologize in advance.

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Stuff the Lazy Kuro Butt Wants to Work On

  • Legacy of Ys, DS - I know there is still more unused graphics and stuff.
  • Popful_Mail_(PC-98) - Same unused inventory as PC-88 version.
  • Popful_Mail_(PC-88) - More unused inventory to include.
  • Shadow Madness - Differences between the proto and final versions + unused graphics.
  • Silviana: Ai Ippai no Boukensha, Famicom Disk - The unused items in the MSX2 version also apply.
  • Ys: Ark of Napishtim (Playstation Portable) - Three versions (2 JP + 1 ENG) and a LOT of differences between them all.
  • Zeliard (DOS) - Not quite done with the version differences.