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Mega Man X3 (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)

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Title Screen

Mega Man X3

Also known as: Rockman X3 (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (JP), Virgin Interactive (EU)
Platforms: PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Released in JP: April 26, 1996
Released in EU: July 1997

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

A port of Mega Man X3 for the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, adding in the standard FMV cutscenes and a full CD audio soundtrack to boot. What more could one ask for? Well, for one, a release in the United States. This version was included on Mega Man X Collection, released in North America on January 10, 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube, and formed the base of the PC port that Americans did get.

Build Date

Japan Europe
01/01 01 MASTER 07:30 19960229 ロックマン X3 01/01 01 MASTER 00:00 19960000 ロックマン X3

As shown by the table, the European version is still referred to as its Japanese name. Although not shown by the build date in the European CAPCOM.INF, putting the disc into your computer's CD-ROM drive and looking at the SLES_005.03 file's modification date shows that the game was built on September 17, 1996 at 8:45 PM.

Regional Differences

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Add Title Screen differences between Japan and PAL versions.


The Japanese intro's theme music, "One More Time" by Kotono Shibuya, was replaced by an instrumental track for the international release.

Japan International

Ending Theme

The theme used in the Japanese version during the ending, "I'm Believer" by Kotono Shibuya, was also replaced by an instrumental track for the international release.

Japan International

Maverick Names/Introductions

During localization, the eight Mavericks had their names changed. Furthermore, the names were changed in the FMV boss intros, the most infamous localization being the misspelling of Blizzard Buffalo (Bilzzard Buffalo).

Japanese Name International Name
Gravity Beetbood Gravity Beetle
Electro Namazuros Volt Catfish
Frozen Buffalio Blizzard Buffalo
Explose Horneck Blast Hornet
Screw Masaider Tunnel Rhino
Acid Seaforce Toxic Seahorse
Scissors Shrimper Crush Crawfish
Shining Tigerd Neon Tiger

Version Differences

During the ending, there is a typo in X's speech that was not present in the original SNES version. The "a" was removed, making the sentence grammatically incorrect.

SNES PlayStation/Sega Saturn
Damn! It's a dead end... Damn! It's dead end...