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Proto:Mega Man X4 (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man X4 (PlayStation).

The sample version of Rockman X4 appeared on a Special Trial Disc which also contained demos of Rockman 8 (identical to the final, but with a debug menu) and Rockman: Battle & Chase.

Gameplay Difference

The all-around difference between Prototype and final.

Start Screen


The start screen when this version is loaded. It cautions, "Because this software is still in development, even if there are bugs or other problems with this version, we unfortunately cannot do anything about it."

Main Menu


The main menu of this work-in-progress build. It plays music from Rockman: Battle & Chase.

Rockman X4 Rockman 8 Rockman: Battle & Chase
RMX4-Proto-Mainmenu2.png RMX4-Proto-Mainmenu4.png RMX4-Proto-Mainmenu13.png

It contains detailed explanation of default key mapping of the three games. The promotion art of Rockman 8 and Rockman: Battle & Chase were finished at this point, but the Rockman X4 part was barely started and used a picture of Zero as placeholder.

  • If the game hangs for about 5-10 minutes it will also jump back to this game select screen like most demo/trial version of games. If the game keeps hanging at Rockman X4 demonstration screen it will be advanced to Rockman 8 part of it. When trying to load Rockman: Battle & Chase demonstration the game crashes.

Maverick hunter HQ

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-HunterHQ.png RMX4-Final-HunterHQ.png

More details are present in the final version, chairs are green instead of purple, and the light at the center of the Maverick Hunters HQ room is green instead of yellow.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-StageSelect.png RMX4-Final-StageSelect.png

The final's stage select has a grid under the map. The "Now Making" symbol is placeholder for inaccessible stages, while the accessible stages that lack bosses are given a strange black Maverick portrait. X has an angrier pose in the final because of the implementation of background story.

Intro stage

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-intro5.png RMX4-Final-intro5.png

Due to altered enemy locations, it's not possible to jump over enemies and open the door without taking damage in the prototype.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-intro1.png RMX4-Final-intro1.png

Due to no story element existing here in the prototype, the player can walk around for a while before leaving the screen.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-intro2.png RMX4-Final-intro2.png

One more extra life is in the prototype version, and the player can collect two extra lives and then die in the crusher repeatedly to reach the maximum extra lives, unlike in the final version.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-intro3.png RMX4-Final-intro3.png

The location of a life refill item has been moved a bit in the final version.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-intro4.png RMX4-Final-intro4.png

When Zero dies, his bubble color is the same as X's (blue), in the final version the bubbles have been changed to yellow.

Aiming Laser Soul Body
RMX4-Proto-AimingLaser.png RMX4-Proto-SoulBody.png

For X's special weapon, only Aiming Laser and Soul Body are functional in the prototype. The boss is immune to Aiming Laser, but Soul Body works.

Web Spider Stage

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Spider1.png RMX4-Final-Spider1.png

There is an enemy which remains unseen in the final version.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Spider2.png RMX4-Final-Spider2.png

The golden trap enemy is immune to any attack, racing on the wall unpredictability at a high-speed, its movement is extremely annoying and was replaced by a normal trap enemy which can be destroyed by Zero's Raijingeki attack, and the movement of the normal enemy is less annoying compared to the golden enemy in the prototype.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Spider3.png RMX4-Final-Spider3.png

In the prototype, the armor capsule room has not been implemented yet.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Spider4.png RMX4-Final-Spider4.png

There are some trees that can be destroyed by fire attacks in the final. In the prototype, the tree has no hitbox and hit-flashes.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Spider5.png RMX4-Final-Spider5.png

Web spider is largely the same, but has an important difference. He can shoot two electric webs at once, but the webs can't stick the player like in the final, and can't change their path to follow the player's position.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Spider6.png RMX4-Final-Spider6.png

Once again, the player can move freely for a moment after beating the boss in the prototype.

Magma Dragoon Stage

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Magma5.png RMX4-Final-Magma5.png

The Giga Death enemy has received heavy sprite changes.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Magma2.png RMX4-Final-Magma2.png

The ride armor enemies have not been implemented yet. The stage graphics received some changes, as well as a slighly different palette.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Magma1.png RMX4-Final-Magma1.png

The ride armor location has been changed in the final.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Magma6.png RMX4-Final-Magma6.png

The blocks can't be seen, and they can be destroyed by Zero's Shippuuga attack in the final.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Magma4.png RMX4-Final-Magma4.png

The same blocks even can't be cut through by the ride armor's energy blade. The Giga Death enemy has been replaced by a ride armor enemy in the final.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Magma3.png RMX4-Final-Magma3.png

The Batton Bone and Mettaur enemies have been replaced with lava bursts in the final.

Jet Stingray Stage

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Jet.png RMX4-Final-Jet.png

The flying enemies have been changed. Besides some graphical edits, in the prototype they are green and purple, in the final version they are light green and orange.

Frost Walrus Stage

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Frost1.png RMX4-Final-Frost1.png

The heart tank location in the prototype may not have been decided yet.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Frost2.png RMX4-Final-Frost2.png

A strange place leading to a room that you can't get into normally was scrapped and can't be found in the final.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Frost4.png RMX4-Final-Frost4.png

The EX-item location may not yet have been decided. Notice the slightly darker palette for the background.

Prototype Final
RMX4-Proto-Frost3.png RMX4-Final-Frost3.png

Some background changes were done.

Game Over and Commercial Screen


When you lose all your lives, the game over screen fades out. After that, the screen changes to an advertisement for the final game. After showing them, the game resets.


Japanese English


Thank you for playing!

However, that wasn't the true extent of my power.
Check out "Rockman X4" to see what my real power is like!


Japanese English


Thank you for playing!

You'll have to buy "Rockman 8" if you want to know
my true identity. I'll be waiting!


Japanese English


Thank you for playing!

There are many other courses you can play in "Battle & Chase".
You simply must buy it!♡

(Translations: Bast)

Similar screens appear in sample version of Rockman 8 and Rockman: Battle and Chase, present on the same disc and shown when you are about to quit the respective games. Duo wants the player to buy the final Rockman 8 game and discover his secret, Roll says that there are other courses in the final Rockman: Battle and Chase game.

Unused/Changed Graphics

Weapon Get/Title Screen

MMX4B Title.png

The title screen has the word "SAMPLE" written on it, but otherwise appears to be similar to the final game. Also, the preceding animation is bare-bones, containing only the logo animation present in the final version, similar to the US version.

Prototype Final
FACT - The strange mismatching blue here is in the tiles and is used to fill the gaps in X's leg, since there is no matching 16x16 blue tile.
FACT - This graphic's transparency is broken in the actual game.
MMX4 Xweapget.png
MMX4 Zeroweapget.png

In this build, the Weapon Get screens do not exist, as the game is programmed to go back to the Stage Select after completing a stage or defeating one of the available two Irregulars. Also, these graphics are not used in the title sequence, due to obvious reasons. Both use 16-color palettes here, and both are rough sketches.

Stage Select

Prototype Final
MMX4B Xbeta.png X gon' give it to ya

X himself has all of the story poses he uses in the final, though the shading was tweaked to be a little more consistent. An error with one pose was also corrected.

Prototype Final
X, I think something's wrong with me... MMX4B Zerofinal.png

Zero is more or less in the same state as X, with the exception of his action pose here, which wasn't quite up to snuff with the rest of his sprites. Otherwise, shading tweaks were done for the rest of his sprites.

Prototype Final
MMX4B Doublebeta.png MMX4B Doublefinal.png

In the stage select graphics, Double is the only side-character present in X and Zero's particular graphics files. Iris does not appear to exist at this point. At any rate, most of Double's changes were touch-ups between now and the final, although in particular he was no longer part of Zero's story by the time the final rolled around.

Prototype Final
'Colonel' Zol!  Get it? Now with a more copyright-friendly design!

Although the Repliforce stages do not exist in this build, Colonel has a placeholder portrait. His design may not have been decided upon by this point in development, although Repliforce as a concept already had. The placeholder portrait depicts Colonel Zol from the television series Kamen Rider.


For both X and Zero, graphics for their pause screens do exist, have palettes, and match the finals, but are otherwise wholly disabled for this Sample build.

Prototype Final
In progress! Not so in progress!

X's fourth armor is in an unfinished state: some sprites have been completed, others have only had some bare-bones details applied, and others haven't even been implemented yet. Also, X's armor functions only extend to the ability to charge sub-weapons and the ability to air dash. No other functions appear to be working.

Prototype Final
Run away!
That extra trail!
Don't stop!
That went away...

Zero's sprites are in the middle of some all-over improvements in this build. Some sprites are identical to the final, while others are a bit rough around the edges. Although palettes for Zero's other techniques are present, the only ones that function in-game are the Raijingeki, Kuuenbu, and Hienkyaku.

Music and Sounds

Aside from the listed differences, the main tracks for all eight stages are present in this demo. However, only four of them can be heard in-game, and only one of the unheard tracks resembles the final version of it.

The title jingle, character select, dialogue music, and character-specific victory themes do not exist in this version. Similarly, the title screen, character select screen, and the WARNING event before bosses are all missing sounds.

To do:
Sniff for more unused and different sounds.

Split Mushroom

Although this stage is inaccessible in this build, by way of a stage modifier this track can be heard in-game. It is unfinished, lacking a lot of the instruments that come into the final, though this may have been intended to be similar to Frost Walrus' stage, where two different tracks of music are used for the two parts.

Weapon Get/Stage Select

An earlier form of the final's Weapon Get tune, although here it is used as the Stage Select music. The final's stage select music isn't present.

'Capcom' voice

Found in both X's (PL00.ARC) and Zero's (PL01.ARC) file data. Just a voice saying "Capcom".

Power Fighters sounds

Likewise, the above two sounds from the Mega Man arcade games are found in player files.

In an early preview video, X and Zero borrowed placeholder voices from Rockman and Forte. These could be leftovers from a sound archive of the arcade titles.


To do:
Determine if there actually are any debug mode leftovers in the code.


Debugging, debugging debugging... Awesome it's work- Spoke too soon, it crashed!

This file, removed from the final, contains an 8×8 ASCII character set and three palettes for the text. It reappears in the file data of Mega Man X5 and X6, along with its colors, although it doesn't appear to be used there either.

Collision Tiles?

The pin-cushion tiletype!

Similar to the ones in the Rockman 8 prototypes, these tilesets have four colors, and represent individual collision tiletypes. Like the contents of FONT8X8, though, there is no known way to get them to appear in-game. It is loaded into its own space in VRAM, but is removed in the final.

It returns in Mega Man X5, and is loaded into a different section of VRAM in X6.

(Translations: Bast)

Build Date Text

Present in X4.EXE at 0x09D67C.

CAPCOM May  8 1997 14:16:53 CAPCOM