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Mega Man 8 (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Mega Man 8

Also known as: Rockman 8: Metal Heroes (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 17, 1996
Released in US: February 28, 1997
Released in EU: October 1997

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Mega Man 8 is the eighth entry in the classic Mega Man series. Dr. Wily has probably done something or other and must be stopped at all costs!

Unused Sprites


Along with "Jump! Jump!" and "Slide! Slide!", there are unused "Shoot! Shoot!" notifiers for the snowboard sections in Frost Man and Wily's stages. There is no corresponding voice clip, so this may've been removed fairly early on. These also are not used in either of the prototype versions.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan International
Rockman 8 start screen.png
Mega Man 8-title.png

Preview Video

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The Japanese version has an additional "Game Information" option, featuring a preview video for Mega Man: Battle & Chase and Super Adventure Rockman.


Japan International

The Japanese intro's theme music, "Electrical Communication" by Ganasia, was replaced by a rather tame synth pop track for the international release. Note that in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, the Japanese intro music is only accessible in the Japanese version of the collection.

The international releases added the option to press X in addition to Start on the title screen.


Japan International

The end theme used in the Japanese version, "Brand New Way" by Ganasia, was also replaced. The above restriction in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 also applies here.