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The Sims Castaway Stories

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Title Screen

The Sims Castaway Stories

Also known as: Les Sims Histories de naufragés (FR), Die Sims Insel-geschichten (DE), The Sims Island Stories (IT), Los Sims Historas de Naufragos (ES), Los Sims Historas de Naufragos (BR), The Sims Survival Story (JP)
Based on: The Sims 2 (Windows)
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: February 21, 2008
Released in US: January 29, 2008
Released in EU: February 1, 2008
Released in AU: February 7, 2008
Released in RU: February 14, 2008

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

The Sims Castaway Stories is the third and final instalment of the The Sims Stories sub-series, being based off the spin-off games and using the mainline Sims 2 engine with some expansion elements sprinkled in. Also, the game's title has the word "stories" in the plural, yet there's only one story about surviving on an island. Go figure.

Use SimPE: The simple DBPF-Package Editor and any text editor to research game files.

To do:
A lot to cover.
  • There is a lot more unused stuff, especially leftovers from the base game and expansion packs, such as Seasons stuff.
    • The Ottomas family is present, unused.
  • Wanami Island has a lot of errors, pointing towards a possible cut second story.
  • Add info about cut content and oddities from forum thread "The Sims 2 development history" (Russian: История разработки Симс 2) to this article.
  • Add information about cut content and oddities from Tumblr blog "The Sims 2 Beta Library" to this article.
  • Objects.package file from this game have 1113 mentions of unused stuff. You can see this using search with "unused" word in text editor.
  • Unused objects marked as CS, such as the bookcase from seasons (being listed as new rather than a leftover)
  • Life Stories UI (0xBEB____) and Pet Stories UI Leftovers (0xBEE____).


TSCS PlaceholderGraphic.png
Unused Textures
Now that's a first!
TS2 Test Objects
The islands' beach secret of...unseen debug and prototype objects of Sims 2 expansions?!
TSLF TS2LogoLeftover2.png
The Sims 2 Leftovers
Stuff that was left behind in civilization.
Stories Games Leftovers
Leftovers from another story.

Internal Names

  • The filename for the opening movie is called intro_eng_audio.movie, despite it being the only available movie across all Locale files. It's possible that there were once different versions of the file (likely to go with the changed logos, as Life Stories had done it), but were removed since the intro itself doesn't have any English-language writing, which makes it suitable for localizations.

Unused Objects

They're named with "CS____" and arranged via OBJD (Object Data). Leftovers, nor test objects will not be covered in the section.

Instance File Name Object Name Price Image Description Notes
0x000041AB CS - Career - Bookcase Books First for Learning: A Bookshelf of Education $0 TSCS RewardBookshelf.png Books First, the revolutionary new education system sweeping the community is now ready to enter the homes of working educators with A Bookshelf of Education. Knowledge can be obtained for any discipline via the Golden Book of Cornelius von Schtoop. Taking the first step to a life of learning is like the first step in a candy store-delicious. The bookshelf is straight from Seasons, but is identified as a scrapped Career Reward for the game rather than a leftover, hence the filename. It's fully functional when modded in. The textures are directly reused, implying that the bookshelf may not have gotten far in development.

Texture Oddities

While not in the same enigma as the mainline counterpart and the previous Stories games, the neighborhood view screen contains an earlier version of Felicity Island, notably using earlier rocks.

TSCS NeighborhoodBG.png

Missing second story

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
  • Are there any more traces or hints relating to this? If so, explain further and possibly take images.
  • Check what will happen on Wanmami lots if you change its UID to 2.[1][2]

In N002_Neighborhood.package, file of Wanmami island, which can viewed via SimPE, the ID Number of the neighborhood within the UID field is marked as 3 where it points towards Wanmami Island being the third neighborhood. But this island should have UID 2, since it is the second one in the game menu and the last one. In comparison, Felicity Island is marked as 1 while the How To Play Neighborhood doesn't have an ID number.

(Source: История разработки Симс 2, post №2557 - The Sims Creative Club)

By analogy of having a second story in the other games of The Sims Stories series, the second island was likely supposed to have its own story with a different protagonist, likely that of a male Sim due to other games of The Sims Stories series having secondary male protagonists.

David Bennett is a likely option due to being harder for him to find a couple on the Felicity island during the story because of the low attraction between him and the natives. By comparison, Jessica Knight, the girl protagonist, has the 4th (highest) level of attraction with one native immediately upon first meeting him: Ahio Heimata.

(Source: История разработки Симс 2, post №2551 - The Sims Creative Club)

There is a theory that the second story island was supposed to be Wanmami. If its UID is changed to 2, unusual things will happen on the island. Here are some of them:

  • Sims perform many actions similar to Debug - Super Duper Hug. And this action is translated as a normal action "to be in a friendly hug". This hints at possible story scripts and action that no longer exist.[3]
  • Events in Lerner family.[4][5] Immediately, Candy Valance came to the lot. However, Candy was not only hovering around Walter, but she was also dropping compliments to Daniela. Of interest on their property, Daniela and Walter are constantly flirting, hugging and kissing. Immediately upon entering their lot, Walter kissed his wife passionately, which is pretty unusual behaviour in game. This is also a hints at possible story scripts.
  • An Orangutan blocks off one of the exit portals at the Valley Village lot. If you give him a banana, he disappears.[6]
TSSCS orangutan in wanmami valley village.png