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Title Screen


Also known as: Theme Park Inc. (EU/JP), Theme Park Manager (DE)
Developers: Bullfrog Productions, Climax Fareham
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: 2001
Released in US: January 30, 2001
Released in EU: February 9, 2001

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Roller Coaster Tycoon, but with the Sims... sort of, since it's barely even Sims themed, and indeed, Will Wright had barely anything to do with it and its predecessor.

Unused Graphics

Theme Park Inc-NotFound.png

The texture used when the desired texture is not found.

Theme Park World-DebugFont.png

A debug font, leftover from Sim Theme Park.

Unused sounds

To do:
Grab files from the US version. This was all grabbed from the EU version.

There are a lot of unused audio clips from the game, mostly comprising of leftovers from Theme Park World.

Internal file name Character Subtitle Comments
SP_0998.mp2 Mr. Maybury Welcome to the demonstration version of Theme Park Inc. I'm starting you at Assistant Manager; there's lots of work involved, and I have confidence that you'll make a great successor! Work your way up the top of the ladder and you'll set an old man free! All set? I hear the golf course calling me! It appears that the game would have initially started the player off in a demonstration version of itself, but in the final game, the game directly jumps to the Land of Invention without any sort of tutorial.
SP_0999.mp2 Mr. Maybury Congratulations! You've successfully completed the demonstration! Now you're ready for the full game! Oh, one more thing! I suspect you have the talent to eventually rise to company president! That's right; you'll take my place and I'll take a permanent holiday in the sun. See you soon! Same as above.

Early Land Of Invention

Early Land of Invention.png

Found in W/Intro in \Bullfrog\SimCoaster\Data\levels. Appears to use the Sim Theme Park passenger pick up drop off area.

Debug Startup


Present in the game's main executable, game.exe, is a dialog box for what would have been a startup configuration.

(Source: KoopaLiz)