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Pokémon HOME (iOS, Android)

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Title Screen

Pokémon HOME

Developer: The Pokémon Company
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: February 12, 2020

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Pokémon HOME is the successor of Pokémon Bank, but unlike the 3DS-based Bank, it is split between a version for Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS/Android) versions.

Trading Pokémon, Mystery Gifts, checking Battle Data and News are exclusive to the iOS/Android version, while transferring Pokémon from Bank and "Judging Pokémon" are possible in both versions.

Unused Graphics

From version 1.0.0 to version 1.0.2, assets\gif\433ee880bd7192400ee3c59489d572da.gif was a GIF of a woman dressed as Vocaloid Meiko dancing and accidentally hitting Vocaloid Rin. This was originally posted by Twitter user Arak2, which itself is based on this video.


Meanwhile, a few significantly less weird GIFs were also present up to version 1.0.2, featuring Pikachu’s animations ripped straight from Generation VII games.

Android-PokémonHomev1.0.0-pikachu.gif Android-PokémonHomev1.0.0-pikachu-2.gif Android-PokémonHomev1.0.0-pikachu-3.gif Android-PokémonHomev1.0.0-pikachu-4.gif Android-PokémonHomev1.0.0-pikachu-5.gif

These GIFs were all removed in v1.0.3. It remains unknown whether the first GIF of the bunch was actually used for testing or was a strange joke from a developer.