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Birthdate: January 28, 1995
Birthplace: Finland

Also known in other places as: Mr. PSX

Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/psxdriverplayerssite/

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About this user and stuff

(This intro was originally made a long time ago (summer 2015 methinks it was), so some parts might not make much sense now, is also updated sometimes.) Hello to anyone there who decided to look over here, Psxdriverplayer speaking. Long time TCRF reader, new on editing articles. If there's something I take seriously, it's watching credits in anything, using Windows XP and dynamic music. Also using correct aspect ratio is important. As a 4:3 CRT user, I don't have any problems with aspect ratio. (People, don't stretch 4:3 to 16:9, it looks horrible. I also point it out at home when they use their 16:9 TV's and stretches the image.) I've been a CRT user since... Well, always, though I have been asked to get rid of old tech and get newer tech, but that doesn't work with me, not going to tell you why, but I have valid reasons. Current CRT has been in heavy use soon 20 years, still going great with mono sound system and colour. Until it breaks (hopefully never) I won't change that thing. Besides, I've seen old games used with an LCD panel on a friend's house, that stuff looks horrible with it. Especially PS1 games (NOTE: original everything). For some reason with LCD PC monitor and emulator which uses more pixels (You know that empty area on screen surrounding the actual game image when playing PS1 or PS2 games? Unused area which is not coded to be filled. WHY DOESN'T ANY EMULATOR DO THAT?!) looks better but won't beat that CRT sight. CRT spirit forever!

Also about games. Driving and platformers are nice. With shooting, auto-aim is a must. Can't do damn without it, unless explosives. I like my games easy with a bit of challenge. Also screw online multiplayer, split screen it is if some multiplayer stuff has to be done. I actually suck at games whenever I need to use keyboard and mouse AT THE SAME TIME. One of the other goes well, but combined... It goes to blegh. When I get mad, I use console commands to cause havoc. And I'm not on Steam or such a place, I have this thing going on that is "why do we need that thing even for games we buy as discs" - I don't personally like it. Would rather have just an activation code n' all. For that reason I've gotten those few PC games I happen to like which are old games as those old-ass CD's/DVD's. Wouldn't be so hostile about this issue if the place would be just a marketplace and games gotten from there not tied to it and needing to have it just to even run them. I still don't know how peoples can live with that. (The only real great arguments for it are no need to put a disc to yer drive und updates for games, but if games were developed properly you wouldn't need updates, so that leaves no disc in drive. I've heard there's convenience with this game listing thing, but I'd say it's as convenient as to just put all yer game launcher shortcuts to one single folder or just organizing yer desktop, like I've done. Sheesh.)

I locate in this Europe place (SCN), so I play PAL versions of console games, though I have five (six) Japanese and nine (thirteen) American imports for PS1 (modded machines of me can play those). And with an emulator(s), I play all kinds of stuff... I'm partly a collector, though I collect what I want to, not for the sake of it. Also, two (2) helpful hints to PS1 collectors: 1) Black Label DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL TO FIRST PRINT AND/OR REVISION, THERE'S UPDATED REVISIONS AS BLACK LABELS - and - 2) Greatest Hits / Platinum DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL TO UPDATED REVISION, in my case, stuff I have and I've researched rarely have an update that's Greatest Hits / Platinum ONLY. Thanks.

I also like to share stuff with games almost nobody knows, so there's that...

On this here page, I try not to rant too much. I'll tell about investigations n' stuff where applicable though.

You can also find me at

To do:
Note to self: MANY THINGS.

All the necessary goofings with things that needed to be gotten out of the way

GS美神 This user owns the whole series and the movie, and also has all soundtrack CD:s of the series, even that one re-release which has faulty dynamics, which is the reason the user won't play the re-release, unless he intends to play them all through in a marathon. Also has made GS美神 database to an .xls file.
PlayStation-title.png This user likes to play PS1 games a lot. With a CRT TV. There is just no other way for him.
4:3 Other interests of this user include, but are not limited to: VERY OLD & OLD music, CRT's, old tech in general, Bud Spencer & Terence Hill (R.I.P. Bud Spencer), collecting stuff, old games, sweeping ghosts and ******.
CopyrightIcon.png Credits: Credits are important. And manuals. Read those.
Psxdriverplayer-USER.png Windows XP: This user STILL uses it daily. But seriously. No joke.

Stuff related to investigations that's also stuff that anyone can help with

I've played many games and one I've been investigating a lot since getting to know some codes... Now! I've been investigating some unused content on Tomorrow Never Dies for PS1 quite a while. Interesting things have surfaced, unused content, cheat codes not seen anywhere (some still unknown), access to some debugging functions through those codes and then there is your unused loading screens. VRAM shows interesting things, I've been investigating some of that content, game's oddities and cheats. Prima's Official Strategy Guide has a few differences when compared to the released version. German Prima's Guide is different from English language one. Instructions for shell pos code are given in SHELL.EXE and one file on the disc gives away a teleport cheat. You can tamper with EXTRA LIFE thingies and MUSIC & SOUND in menus with codes. You can get items when not supposed to and other stuff.

Took a look with TimViewer and got some unused graphics out of it. When confirmed I'll likely get them here, unless someone does it first, I sorta have them in another place in me project, you can source that...

Anyone who has the game can help by trying to look what these codes do or if they do nothing at all, I can't figure them out: 1: Select x2 Circle x2 Select x2 L2 x2, 2: Select x2 Circle x2 Select Triangle Select Triangle, 3: Select x2 Circle x2 Select L1 Select R1.

Fellow TND players: check out this playlist, it contains stuff about TND, something might suit to the TND page: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMspW-djoriNuGGi6qd3ZvvPy

Also, here's a story. Take an emulator, start the game, state the level select with level select code, start a level, state that level to its own slot, repeat after loading the level select state. Then take a look at the VRAM. You'll notice interesting things. (Applies to The World Is Not Enough, especially mission 4.)

New stuff has showed up, as the game used to have RELOAD gadget! (Thank you, image at IGN. (Just like final game, but with RELOAD gadget! 10 out of 10.)) IGN also hosts some PRE-E3 Interview. Could be usable in here.

And I also happen to own the soundtrack CD, both US retail and US promotional versions. Versions in the game disc SOUND BETTER. Loudness war, you have screwed everything. And recently got the Press Kit with some pre-release goodies.

Also I have dug up some unused audio files for The World Is Not Enough (PS1) from the game disc. Somehow I have gotten that unused developer photo on full screen while being in main menu and fooling around. Here is an image of the VHS recording I managed to make then as a proof, click me.

Do me a favor and take TimViewer or other program and look through the LVLXXCD.BIN files and look them through. I'm getting bored with that as there are liek 400-900 images in each it seems. That program needs to HAVE ENTER AS A SELECTION BUTTON, WHY MUST I DOUBLE-CLICK EVERYTHING I WANT TO SEE?

I have played some of the N64 version of TWINE. Man that game is hard, especially when emulated using a keyboard and using Secret Agent or higher. If not the Invincibility GameShark cheat functionality, 00 Agent difficulty would still be hidden and me stuck in Turncoat in Secret Agent. Also those missiles in City Of Walkways II. They hit nothing even when I try. Recently got the prototype ROM, is interesting. So many differences. You can complete King's Ransom in the Proto actually, the method is... Unusual. Wait at the start so you see a scene which opens the final area, then start doing the mission normally and you beat it. What.

TWINE crap in these: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMsoEMuOiaV-AaF3xyLwfeRHA, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMsoS1hIRrotpHr70TA3UKNbj and https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMspJ2sorU5uITo648YS5upjZ.

I did put me own work about TWINE N64 Prototype in here and I'll expand it when I'm done with some usable stuff, go check it out and feel free to use it, unless I use it first, when it's all done it's great... There's mainly misc stuff left to add. It's me own work, though I've used codes made by other people, but those are on the sources and credits anyway (I don't let people get Morshu'd by not giving credit). The only two things I can't do is dialog differences, some of these exist. You do it if you can, I can't set up Mupen64Plus, my Windows XP Professional 32-bit doesn't like it for some reason. Unless 1964 does the job... And then models. I don't pay attention enough to these, but some are different.

007 Racing is one game I got once, it's a decent game. It even supports a NeGcon controller! Found out bunch of stuff. Yet to play German and French versions properly.

Stuff: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMsrHL60v1cg-kzsMKIM9D10j.

James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire is one interesting game. It's not impossible to Platinum medal Forbidden Depths after all on PS2, CH-6 helps with the final turret.

James Bond 007 NightFire is a game I've played on PS2. There's a GameCube page, but some apply to PS2. Also its PC version is as of now, quite new to me. Previously I had an ISO and a crack, but since finding an actual legit retail copy... ...I threw that stuff away and now I've played the game through with legit discs. It was kind of "meh" deal. Why using a 16:9 resolutions stretch the FMV's (4:3 Letterbox) by the way? Well. It sucks. Also I've played its demo and it's somewhat better on one regard, I CAN STRAFERUN (as in pressing W and A at the same time)!

Crash Bandicoot (the first game obviously) is a nice game, played through Stormy Ascent finally, though it refused to work in the version I wanted to play it in, me European copy, tried with EDC ROM and a No-EDC ROM which both crashed, even with a disc it crashed. But there's one gripe I have with it, people who can't understand the save system. Gems DO NOT save level progress. It even says "GEM SAVE" in very big letters, so in this case I don't get people. Also you can't use the early bonus round save points to save progress made to N. Cortex. It saves to that level where the bonus is in. Believe me, I did that despite knowing it won't work just because I was bored. It was like I initially thought. And I seriously doubt that North American copy would be that different as them passwords are identical in PAL & NTSC/U anyway. Oh yeah, and the final game contains a beta-ish bonus round. The JPN version saves at a different level in one point. The American manual describes saving better and gives a... FIRST ISLAND WALKTHROUGH. What, I hear that the Japanese got Passwords after all? Just the loading though it seems.

Also this one thing kept me busy for a long time, figuring out extra items in Crash Bandicoot 2 & 3. Between 2's Proto and Final, the item list is the same. In 3, things are different. Using this thing it's possible to get them items in Crash 2's proto that are unobtainable by Crash because Crash crashes (herd that other way is to use a code, and I found it). Japanese version gives you same things with different percentages. How's one supposed to figure out that the extra life easter egg in the Warp Room is calculated to 100% in NTSC/JPN version? Finally got 100% in that version thanks to someone pointing it out in TCRF's Crash 2 page (Thank you). Also finally managed 162% on JPN version glitch save using me console. Looks like I've also reached the limit with Powers in Crash 3 while having 197%, I got the legit JPN disc and so far I don't want to deal with it.

200-263 bounces = Crystals, 300-363 bounces = Gems, 400-463 bounces = Sapphire relics, 500-563 bounces = Gold relics, 600-663 bounces = Platinum relics, 700-730 bounces = Powers, 110-199 are in time trials only, from a 0 sec freeze to a 89 second freeze and outside Time Trials, X64-X99 are just duplicates for some reason. I have made FAQ's for this covering Crashes 2 & 3, but you'll need to find them on your own.

(Me Black Label Crash 3 has a demo disc which has reportedly 2 variants, do we cover those?)

Took me time to play Crash 1 Prototype and E3 Beta through, and Crash 2 Beta through normally, and to a separate save slot, finally 200%'d the Crash 2 Beta. Should it be noted that the Beta won't have that SCEE warning screen? Then again, the thing's a bit unfinished... Also Crash 2 Beta music in mono? It sounded stereo to me. Crash 3's alpha is interesting.

Spyro 1 is a great game, I liked the second somewhat and the third one is annoying. There's three prototypes floating around, I've extracted the muzak out of all of them and too bad the latest one (Aug 27th) is partly corrupted, so is the muzak, dangit (MUSIC2.STR and MUSIC6.STR are that). I hope a proper great dump happens sometime.

Then there's this Starsky & Hutch thingy on GBA that I've played, found some stuff in the prototype version, also I wonder why everyone says it's a bad game? (Heard it's because of them controls but I don't find them bad. They just don't know how to play, right?)

Driver 1 is a confusing game what comes to cutscene availability between versions and regions. Played it again, still a fun game. So is the second entry. Third game in the series made me mad every time I tried to advance the missions (complete'd). Fourth game I've completed. Yippee.

Found an unused mission part and Take A Rides in changing daytime that are unused?

Found the Japanese ROM, not only the default settings are better, but that loading screen. Also, YOU CAN FAIL THE TRAINING MISSION AND MOVE ON! What is this version? And it looks like I played slightly different version of Driver 2 as a kid, my later authentic version has one noticeable difference (PAL region, v 1.0 is dated Oct 15, v 1.1 is dated Nov 01). Though I now have both versions as a legit discs, so there's that.

Gran Turismo 1 & 2 have the best music in Japanese versions, why they changed that to some... Well, to something way worse. Got the JPN soundtrack CD of the 1st one, YAY. Also I now have the JPN soundtrack CD of the 2nd one. YAY-ISH! Have I mentioned I got 100.91% on Turismo 2? Man those License Tests suck, on Turismo 1 I've golded B and A, and 4 from IA, rest are silver. On Turismo 2, only S7 is not gold, instead is silver.

Also, got a Platinum copy of Gran Turismo 2 to accompany me Black Label (odd case where the Platinum one is the one which got a translation treatment to me languages what comes to packaging and manual, usually it's both or Black Label only) - it's the exact same thing. Just the manual has some additions and fixes.

As that one thing with stuff says, I like GS美神, the series with the movie (English dub sucks, but I use original Japanese audio always anyway) and I have all released CD's with great score (except one from 2000's apparently, some giveawayIdon'tknow). The SNES game is nice and pretty hard or then it's the emulation and I suck. I like the music of the game and the sound test is great. All the tracks are now online (video form, in STEREO), did that myself (!) (remind me to check VGMDB tho, are they in Stereo?). Great testing thing in the game, as it has it's own fade out! I suspect that two tracks are unused though.

Tony Hawk's Skateboarding (1st game in the series) has interesting cheat codes in its betas. Found things about some cheats. I suck at the game by the way.

So I got a lot of DooM versions a great while ago, for the first time playing them PC versions through, of course as closely as originally intended, oldschool, with DOSBox, keyboard only (yes, I know there's mouse support, but I don't like the way it behaves on DOS, and I know there's NOVERT, but screw all hacks, I'm rather without it). Also some HACX, which has revision differences (1.1 is a BETA! Also Shareware is different from Registered with a few things). Chex Quest is one odd game. Also got them Master Levels which play out with DOOMIT on DOS. HOW ELSE? Also Final DooM is somewhere too - that I also have as a legit CD. Man these console DooMs are interesting too. Especially 32x prototypes...

Also I happened to get 10 revisions of the official Chex Quest 3! You can get them too by clicking me.

Keeping with these things, I've managed to acquire Sharewares and the Shareware Beta of Heretic, along with the Registered 1.0 and 1.3. And two versions of the Hexen public Shareware Demo (original + re-release), but sadly, only the time restriction removed version of Retail Store Beta. I don't feel right having it due to it being modified. Damnit. If anyone has the original needing fakedate, send it my way?

Speaking of Doom, I recently completed its PS1 port. Pretty cool. And managed to get its One Level Demo Disc, a demo that got its 'OK to be released' after the full game (compare the game ID number, the demo has it higher) and probably got released after the final game as well, oddly it was made to be a thing with a SLES -code instead of SLED -code despite being a demo disc, it's technically its own game. Has this SCEE warning though not published by SCEE, in both full retail and the demo disc. (<--- Also was the case with Reboot on PS1 (SLES-00922)) Other Doom demos are interesting as well. Encountered 2 variants.

Been playing some Wolfenstein 3D, on DOSBox, mostly version 1.4, Activision re-release (though I have 1.1 which says "Apogee" and 1.4 which says "iD software"). Played all Sharewares through also. And the Alpha through too. I think the end-level triggers are missing, you can walk through Hans when you've shot him once. Too bad it's slightly modified. Back to 1.4: Despite not being able 100% the Aardwolf map, been happily playing it until Episode 6. And secret maps. Pushwalls are not my thing, really. Also some Spear of Destiny, version 1.0, but the version I originally found was hacked. ALSO, HOW CAN ONE GET 100% ON ALL AVERAGES? PLAYED IT THROUGH TWICE AND GOT 57% THE FIRST TIME, THEN 50%.

Formula 1 (the OG). Has this SCEE warning though not published by SCEE (at least in rev 1.0). (<--- Also was the case with Reboot on PS1 (SLES-00922))

Formula 1 '98. Fun game, but at times annoying. Err I'd say they forgot to change the version numbering to that one string you can make appear. "Go to pits with flags set on and you get a black flag". I've heard about it, but how do you do it? I've tried it, never happened. I got it on legit disc (upgraded me CD-R disc to legit one), but me PS2 won't like the game (menus). I tried it on PS1, it worked like I remember.

One of the additions to me PC games are The Italian Job (I prefer the PS1 version to PC version, even though they are the same game, except my most hated mission is easier on PC version).

Then, Half-Life (version, build 929) which contains Uplink Demo as a custom game and Opposing Force Expansion Pack. Of course, all on retail CD's. Expansion Pack wants to have Half-Life version, build 1083, but thankfully the CD contains a patch for it (the server you go to on original game menu to get patches is likely not available anymore, though I don't care about updates) and I thought right, it installed as a Custom Game. Damn those ropes. Also I have the PAL PS2 Half-Life, but not the disc that has the Uplink Demo for PS2... Also got Blue Shift as a retail disc (there's no music at all), and a bunch of demos to HL games. Fun stuff.

It seems like broke me setup, see, I got cheats enabled. They stay enabled if you make a save and load it later without the fancy work. So when done loading a save and playing it further and/or getting mad, you could spam cheats. But I recall even "impulse 101" working instantly. Now, after patching to from because of Opposing Force, I need to change a map through the console for it to work. Damnit.

Also got Mafia on retail CD's (3 discs). Is a nice game. I don't have a problem with driving them cars though. And the race is easy (I'm talking about the original v1.0 point of view). There, I said it.

Been playing some PC GTA SA (disc version, OG 1.0 ver naturally) and mang I fear cheat inputs each time I do anything, knowing that I accidentally enabled one already just by using WASD. Also, the flying sucks but Zero's missions weren't SO BAD (fight me). Neither was the Flying School. Maybe I just got lucky using only a fricken keyboard. Starting to think that those who get annoyed by flying missions in 3D era GTA's are probably playing PC side, with PS2 that stuff is VERY easy.

DRIV3R on GBA is terribly interesting. Been playing the final game and those prototypes. If ye ask me A is a thing, but C is before B, since C is silent (or me software didn't play any sounds) and areas are incomplete - while B has muzak and enviro is final, along some other stuff. Too bad A sucks for not working past the language select. Final game complete playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMspQQcSCi3thQxsg7atfEVAx (European version) All 3 prototypes in one complete playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcHcwoa3wMsoN7pCC7KTOdgjcOv4-HHlI (First A, then C, then B)

Hardware & Games I own (legit-ly) that have a page here (this is mostly physical)

NOTE: Those wierd SCN and FIN indicators mean the packaging and manual languages, the disc is usually the English one if all the languages are their own serial and thus technically, different games, or the disc is the usual multi-languaged disc, unless the game has SCN languages or just Finnish. Rarely the whole thing is in SCN or FIN languaged. There's a couple of instances I use INT, that is because those are like the ones in UK other wise, but have a PEGI rating instead of BBFC rating and they have INT on them somewhere possibly anyway. Everything console is Black Label with the original revision if any unless said otherwise. Also stuff listed here includes what I plan to have permanently in the collection of mine.

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation 2


Other stuff

I once got a disc which looked like this, great RIGHT? Here's a scan of it which shows it better. Here's another disc that looked similar.

The thing below contains a joke nobody gets. Unless one has seen a certain thing. A great thing. Preferably with everything as in EVERYTHING. (If one does not get this, it means: the whole thing, end credits and the screen being black till the end of the music.)

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