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Proto:Sonic Spinball (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Spinball (Genesis).
Download.png Download Sonic Spinball (Genesis, Prototype)
File: Sonic Spinball (Prototype).bin (1.25 MB) (info)

Yet another prototype of a Sonic game that was found on a Chinese site.

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General Differences

  • No sparkle sound effect is played during the SEGA screen. The propeller sound is also different.
Proto Final
Sonic Spinball Proto - Title.png Sonic Spinball-title.png

The title screen lacks a near the Sega copyright.

Proto Final
Sonic Spinbal MD protointrobg.png Sonic Spinball MD finalintrobg.png
  • The intro is slightly buggy and plays before the title screen instead of after. The background is much more red than what's in the final game. The background cloud palette in the intro also is a light pink instead of purple.
  • The intro is also arranged a bit differently; nothing is played at first except the propeller sound. When Sonic dives into the ocean, a short piece of music unique to this prototype plays.
  • The ROM size is a bit bigger than the final.
  • There is no Options screen. Selecting it simply returns you to the SEGA screen.
  • There are some different or missing messages from the scrolling bar on the top of the screen.
  • A free movement mode can be activated by simply pausing the game and moving with the D-Pad. This is glitchy, however, as items may be stuck onscreen after entering/exiting debug.
  • Different sound effects and music speeds up at some points (especially in bosses).

Level Differences


Sonic Spinball Proto - Level End.png
  • Animals that appear from badniks are different.
  • Boss graphics remain mainly intact on defeat.
  • No eruption timer.
  • The safety lids are referred to as "hatchways".
  • Sonic is off-center in the cutscene when collecting an Emerald.

Toxic Caves

  • Falling into the water at the bottom of the stage means instant death, rather than a two-second wait after splashing.
  • There is a layer of sludge around the bucket.
  • Using the switch that moves the bridge up will play the first-revision title screen music.

Lava Powerhouse

  • Ferrons are called "Forebots".

The Showdown

  • There is an extra badnik.
  • Trigger on the boss is more helpful.
  • The final boss is invincible, likely because the ending sequence had not been implemented yet. Due to this, the game cannot be beaten.

Bonus Stages

Sonic Spinball Proto - Bonus.png
  • Very incomplete. Only the Robotnik tooth-bashing level is available, and even then it has different colors and a garbled screen behind him.
(Source: Sonic Retro)

Unused Music

Within the prototype, there are two unused music tracks that don't exist within the final game

An unused variation of the intro music in this prototype. Although this version is longer than the used one, it's still not as long as the theme used in the final game.

A (really long) unused theme, thought to be intended for The Machine, mainly because it sounds similar to The Machine's theme in the final game, but also because The Machine re-uses The Showdown's music in this prototype

(Source: Sonic Retro)