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Sonic the Hedgehog (I-Mode, J2ME)

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Title Screen

Sonic the Hedgehog

Also known as: Sonic the Hedgehog Part 1/Part 2 (US/EU), 音速小子(上)/音速小子(下)(CN)
Developers: Sega (I-Mode), iFone (J2ME; EU), Brizo Interactive (J2ME; US)
Publishers: Sega (JP), iFone, Glu Mobile (EU), Sega Mobile (US), China Mobile Games, BMIT (CN)
Platforms: I-Mode (JP), J2ME (US/EU)
Released in JP: December 5, 2005 (Sonic Cafe)
Released in US: December 20, 2005
Released in EU: February 14, 2006
Released in CN: 2006

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Sonic 1 on a mobile phone before the iPhone port. Originally released through the Japan-only Sonic Cafe service (for i-Mode devices) and later given an inferior port to J2ME, split into two parts (BREW gamers got the one singular game in all regions though).

It seems this version served as the basis for the Game Boy Advance port, Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, which is generally considered to be the worst port of Sonic 1.

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Unused Graphics


This UFO frame is unused in the Genesis original's prototype build, but was removed in the final. So why is this even here in the first place...?

(Source: Sonic Retro)


Jumping into a Big Ring in the J2ME versions awards you the Chaos Emerald immediately, leaving the "Special Stage" graphic unused.

Cheat Menu

Cheat menu of the iFone releases of Part 1. Cheat menu of other J2ME releases.

At the title screen, press 2, 3, 0, 6, 9, 1 (23/06/91, the US/European release date of the original game) to unlock the cheat menu. The cheat code doesn't seem to function in the Chinese release or the demo versions.

  • INVINCIBILITY - Makes you invincible.
  • UNLOCK LEVELS (iFone releases of Part 1 only) - Allows you to play all of the levels from Part 1.
  • AMPHIBIOUS (Glu Mobile releases) - Makes it impossible to drown.
  • EMERALDS - Allows you to set the amount of Chaos Emeralds you have.
  • FPS - Shows the current number of frames-per-second in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • COORDS - Shows Sonic's coordinates in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • CAMERA - Lets Sonic move in all directions without falling. Use # to toggle it mid-level.
  • PLAY ENDING - Plays the good or bad ending depending on the numbers of Chaos Emeralds set. Some versions of the game do not have this option.


blkcol.blt is a piece of collision data, stored in its "raw" bitmap-like format, before it was converted to being stored in rows via an unused function.

Revisional Differences

  • This version was originally released in Japan on i-Mode phones, at least some of these versions have sound effects and special stages. iFone ported this version to J2ME for the European release, and special stages and sound effects had to go likely due to phones' hardware/software limitations as well as the slightly rushed nature of the port. Of course, the J2ME release was also split into two parts.
    • A singular version of the i-Mode release (the Panasonic P902i preloaded version) is dumped, however, it requires Labyrinth Zone's level data onward to be downloaded from a now-dead server.
  • Originally, Part 1 was released with the iFone logo in the intro. Glu Mobile bought iFone somewhere around that time, and Part 2 as well as re-releases of Part 1 (or possibly some of the device versions in the release plan - hard to tell) were instead released with the Glu logo.
  • For the most low-end phones, iFone wrote a simpler Sonic gameplay engine that has a closer resemblance to the 8-bit titles. It was later reused by Rockpool Games in the low-end versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash and Crash, the direct follow-up to this port.
  • It appears that Sega Mobile commissioned the Japanese company Brizo Interactive to develop altered versions of iFone's port for North America. A singular version (for 176x220 Motorola from 2006) of this release has been found, and differences can be seen in menu navigation and text.
    • In addition, several versions of Part 1 from 2007 exist that only credit Sega Corporation and none of the porting companies.
  • Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the full Part 1 game was preinstalled on some of the Nokia 5070, Nokia 6070 and Nokia 6080 phones.

Samsung Demo

Part 1 was also preinstalled on various Samsung phones released in Europe, with the company M-Biz Global being credited for programming the demo wrapper. This version starts out as a demo that takes you through a single act of Green Hill and a tiny bit of Marble before asking you to buy the game or go back. Buying the game writes a save file and unlocks the full version. These versions also feature an, uh, rather incomplete Russian language localization.

Wait, have we mentioned the absolutely genius activation procedure?

Okay, so, the game generates the unlocking code randomly on first launch (so there's not really a way to borrow it from someone else, sorry to disappoint). When you confirm to send the message to the premium number, it sends a message with the code, which is then followed by the number sending you back that same code, which you then enter into the window. If that's not inventive, we don't know what is. (Some later M-Biz demos for other games have internet activation instead)

Sony Ericsson Demo

A demo of Part 1 was also preinstalled on certain carrier distributions of Sony Ericsson phones (it has been seen on Sony Ericsson W910i from Orange France, for example). This one only has Green Hill Zone 1 as the playable act, and afterwards the game asks you to buy the full game with a screen featuring unique artwork of Sonic with a mobile phone. Only one language is present in these demos. The full version would've been able to be purchased and downloaded from the now-defunct "more games" section of Glu Mobile's website. Strangely, the phone on the artwork displays the iFone logo even though the Glu logo is displayed when starting the game.