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Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360)

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Title Screen

Sonic the Hedgehog

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: December 21, 2006
Released in US: November 14, 2006
Released in EU: November 24, 2006

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Widely regarded as the nadir of the series, Sonic the Hedgehog (often referred to as "Sonic '06" to distinguish it from the 16-bit original) was heavily and extensively rushed. Accordingly, many people who played the game agree it contains lots of bugs, poorly implemented ideas, and plain bad design which led to the franchise almost being killed off. There's also a lot of unfinished content and leftovers from development.

Also, loading. SO MUCH LOADING.

To do:
Most of this still needs to be documented:
  • Unused voice clips, E3 leftovers, textures, test levels, objects, animations, early stages, and sound effects.
  • Unused Sonic and Shadow Crisis City co-op.
  • The Early Xbox live demo has been leaked. Document it.
  • More beta elements.
  • Many unused voice clips.
Additionally, the page could use some cleanup.

Unused Animations

By swapping character files of some Amigo mode characters with those of regular characters, they will be shown to have a character select screen animation. Note that Tails' is used for the TeamAttackAmigo DLC.

(Source: Renegadesaiyan and Sonic Retro)

Sonic's Action Gauge Restored

It is widely known that Sonic's upgrades, the Gems, do not work correctly, never draining the gauge when used. However, this issue was caused by a simple naming mistake - the Gems attempt to decrease the wrong variable! In release, the string c_gauge_(gem) is used, but the correct one is c_(gem). Once all occurrences of this incorrect string in player.arc are fixed, the Action Gauge for all Gems (including the Rainbow Gem, oddly enough) will drain as intended.

(Source: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Legacy of Solaris from Lost Legacy Team)

Unused/Early Areas


A test level, test_enemy, can be loaded by modifying internal files, which can be downloaded for Xbox 360 in the video's description. It's likely intended specifically for Shadow, since his vehicles are present. The actual stage mesh doesn't exist, so the one in the video was recreated based on the collision map, and this is included in the download. The area itself contains vehicles, a grind spline, and a few item boxes, in addition to enemies.

Early/Test Soleanna Forest

Using a glitch, Sonic can access the blocked portion of Soleanna Castle Town and enter Soleanna Forest before the Wave Ocean level. Doing so reveals several oddities:

  • Double sets of doors are found in several locations, including the entrance to the Forest, that can only be seen by clipping through walls.
  • The Forest itself spawns a multitude of signs, including the "no" symbol, checkered strips, stop signs, and speed limit designations. The former two have layering issues. Interestingly, the checkered strips are used in a sidequest (although positioned incorrectly), and both the stop sign and speed limit signs are subject to physics and can be destroyed with homing attacks. Only the stop sign is unused, but both it and the speed limit signs are a remnant of the cars planned for New City (see below).
  • No other objects are loaded, leading to speculation that this was simply a test layout.

Early New City

Using a glitch, Shadow can access New City before the Dusty Desert level is unlocked, when it is normally blocked off. Doing so reveals an early version of New City with several oddities:

  • Vehicles that drive in the city. However, their AI is unfinished, and they often drive into buildings.
  • A town mission that isn't available anywhere else in the game.
  • Crisis City and Flame Core warp gates (in the normal game, these two levels don't have warp gates) however, they cannot be entered.
  • A pigeon NPC called Hatsun, normally only seen after Silver's ninth town mission, that the player can speak to. The brooding little creature has but one thing to say: "Coo..."

Dummied-out Crisis City Area

To do:
get a video to replace the screenshots

Within the game's data exist several references to the string csc_D_sonic, implying that there was originally meant to be another area between the tornado section and the mach speed section. This would explain the XMA file oddities for this stage.

The game does indeed contain a layout file with this name, and it is possible to load it into the second section of Crisis City, but the objects spawn far off from the stage's starting point:

Sonic2006-Crisis City D section-1.png Sonic2006-Crisis City D section-2.png Sonic2006-Crisis City D section-3.png

(The HUD in these screenshots is a recreation of the one seen at E3 2006, and is not actually an unused asset.)

(Source: Lost Legacy Team)

The area was also shown off in a development screenshot:

Sonic2006-Crisis City beta layout.jpg

Unused Textures

Sonic's mouth

Sonic has two different textures for mouth expressions - one where he frowns, for normal gameplay, and one where he smiles, for the results screen. However, there is a third, unused expression in which he grins and shows his teeth. All of the proper files exist for it, though the background color on the normal map is wrong - the used files have a light blue instead of this file's magenta.

Sonic2006-ch sonic tex04a df.png Sonic2006-ch sonic tex04a nw.png Sonic2006-ch sonic tex04a sp.png

A similar texture was used on Sonic's face in the TGS 2005 teaser for this game, so this may be left over from that.

E3 Leftovers

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Result bg07.png Sonicthehedgehog2006E3CrisisCityLeftover.png

Two loading screens from the E3 demo were left in the game's data. Note that both of them state "Head for a Goal Ring!"


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 E battle result2.png Sonic2006 battle result2 English.png Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Battle result english.png

Several graphics related to some kind of multiplayer mode still exist in the game's data.

Main Menu Text

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Title text.PNG

Unused main menu text that seems to indicate the game once had a different type of save functionality.

Unused Icons/Rainbow Gem

Sonic2006 gem.png

Some of these HUD icons are not used in the game. The first 7 gems are normally obtainable, however the rainbow colored gem is not. A reference to it can still be found in the final game's text file for the shop, stating "???: You'll need to buy it to see what it does!"

Originally, there was going to be a gem that could be purchased at the store which would allow you to play as Super Sonic in more than just the final stage (similar to how it was in Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles whenever all seven Chaos Emeralds were collected), but that feature was removed from the final most likely because of its rushed development.

This said, the item can still be accessed through hacking, but isn't fully functional. What it does is make Sonic float in place like Super Sonic for a few seconds. It appears to be the transformation animation, which otherwise only happens in a certain cutscene.

(Source: Sonic Cult, Sonic Retro)

Unused Warp Gate Images

Sonic2006 twn warpgate03A dfxx d.png

These images are displayed on the warp gates that appear on the Soleanna map, among which are levels that do not have warp gates, such as Crisis City.

(Source: Sonic Retro)

Unused Xbox 360 Controller Icons

Sonic06 x360 xbla unused controller icons.png

These Xbox 360 controller icons go unused in the retail version of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. The LT and RT trigger icons are shaped more like a traditional trigger and the LB and RB bumpers are more rounded. The START and BACK buttons also go completely unused in both the Xbox LiVE Arcade Demo and the retail game.

(Source: Lost Legacy Team)

Unused Shield

Please elaborate.
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Specifically: How is this activated?
Sonic the Hedgehog (PlayStation 3) - Manual Page 11.png

In the "POWER-UP ITEMS" section of the game's manual, the "Shield" is listed as an available powerup that can be obtained from Item Boxes, yet no Shield powerup boxes are ever seen anywhere in-game. It was probably scrapped due to time constraints.

A shield can still be activated in the final game via modifications, though its programming is incomplete, and it doesn't actually protect you from damage. It's not clear if this is the same shield as the one listed in the game's manual.

The unused shield activation sound.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Maindisplay itembox.PNG

The Shield icon in a box.

Knuckles Has Cleared Act 1

To do:
The video was recorded in Xenia, and as such showcases a bug with that version, so getting a console recording would be a good idea.

Despite not being able to normally finish a level, Knuckles has a proper level-completion animation and a set of voiceovers for responding to his rank. Knuckles can finish both of the levels in which he is playable (Flame Core and Aquatic Base) with the use of a few glitches, allowing for these quotes to be heard, but the animations do not activate and the player just stays in control of Knuckles, at least in Flame Core. Additionally, rank quotes appear to be improperly assigned, since the D rank quote played despite earning a B rank. These are believed to be emulator quirks as the same issues occur when beating the level normally as Sonic.

The quotes are as follows:

Rank Clips Transcript
All right!
That felt good!
Well, that wasn't TOO bad...
Hmph! That took longer than I thought.
Shoot! I've still got a ways to go...
(Source: Sonic Cult, Sonic Retro)

Unused Music

There are two unused audio tracks on the disc: silver_theme.xma and shadow_theme.xma. Silver's track seems to have MIDI backing put in place and lacks vocals, while Shadow's theme is the Magna-Fi version, untouched, from Shadow the Hedgehog. The used versions of these tracks are called theme_silver.xma and theme_shadow.xma.

A demo version of "Dreams of an Absolution", Silver's theme. The vocals are replaced with a synth lead.

Unused Text

To do:
This section is literally just text files and just kind of serves to make the page longer. Isolate the messages that are actually unused, and move this to its own subpage when the rest of the main page starts to become more extensive.

The following text files can be found by examining the disc's contents. None of these lines are seen in-game, and some of them can only be found in either English or Japanese folders.

Network Shop Text

Found in msg_shop.e.mst. The "??? You'll need to buy it to see what it does!" line refers to the Rainbow Gem, which would allow the player to turn Super. Silver was at one point supposed to be able to buy the Speed Chip item to increase his maximum speed. Music from previous games also looked like it was once purchasable, though the names for the tracks themselves don't seem to be present. This concept was later seen in Sonic Generations. This text file can only be found in the English text folder of the game, and the files for the music are nowhere to be seen.

Allows you to use the "Light Dash." By using the Light Dash, you can move quickly through a trail of Rings.
Allows you to use "Sliding." By sliding, you can attack enemies while moving.
Allows you to use the "Bound Jump." This lets you jump to higher places and attack below you.
Allows you to use the "Tornado" custom action. Creates wind to attack surrounding enemies.
Allows you to use the "Slow" custom action. Slows the flow of time in the immediate area.
Allows you to use the "Mach Speed" custom action. Enables you to do a Supersonic Boost Dash.
Allows you to use the "Homing Smash" custom action. Enables you to stop in midair, and do a Homing Smash Attack.
Allows you to use the "Gun Drive" custom action. Enables you to throw an Gem and teleport to that location.
Allows you to use the "Thunder Guard" custom action. Defends against attacks while attracting nearby Rings.
Allows you to use the "Scale" custom action. Changes Sonic's size.
??? You'll need to buy it to see what it does!
Allows you to use the "Light Dash." By using the Light Dash, you can move quickly through a trail of Rings.
"Chaos Boost Level 1." During the boost you will be granted "Chaos Snap," an upgrade to Chaos Attack and Chaos Smash.
"Chaos Boost Level 2." During the boost you will begranted "Chaos Lance," an upgrade to Chaos Spear.
"Chaos Boost Level 3." During the boost you will be able to activate "Chaos Blast."
Allows you to use "Hold Smash." This allows you to throw what you have grabbed in a single throw.
Allows you to use "Grab-All." This allows you to grab things in a wider range.
Press the $ button twice quickly to perform "Teleport Dash." This allows you to do instantaneous Teleport Dashes.
Hold the $ button during jump to perform "Psychoshock." This allows you to stun nearby enemies and grab them.
Allows you to "Speed Up." This increases your movement speed.
A 1-up item.
"Sonic Adventure" music
"Sonic Adventure 2" music
"Sonic Heroes" music
"Shadow The Hedgehog" music
"Sonic The Hedgehog" music
"Sonic The Hedgehog 2" music
"Sonic The Hedgehog 3" music
"Sonic & Knuckles" music
"Sonic 3D Blast" music
"Sonic R" music
"Sonic Riders" music
"Sonic Adventure" music, part 2
"Sonic Adventure" music, part 3
"Sonic Adventure 2" music, part 2
"Sonic Adventure 2" music, part 3
"Sonic Heroes" music, part 2
"Sonic Heroes" music, part 3
"Shadow The Hedgehog" music, part 2
"Shadow The Hedgehog" music, part 3
"Sonic The Hedgehog" music, part 2
"Sonic The Hedgehog" music, part 3
"Sonic The Hedgehog 2" music, part 2
"Sonic The Hedgehog 2" music, part 3
"Sonic The Hedgehog 3" music, part 2
"Sonic The Hedgehog 3" music, part 3
Light Chip
Bounce Bracelet
Green Gem
Red Gem
Blue Gem
White Gem
Sky Gem
Yellow Gem
Purple Gem
Rainbow Gem
Air Chip
Memory Shard (blue)
Memory Shard (red)
Memory Shard (black)
Single-Layered Extreme
Power Bracelet
Heart of Wind
Shock Bracelet
Speed Chip

World Ranking Text

Found in msg_network.j.mst. This text file appears to contain leftovers from a World Ranking function, which seems to have been cut pretty early on. This file can only be found in the Japanese text folder of the game.

タイム/スコア切り替え (Time/Score Conversion)
フレンド (Friend)

Main Menu Text

Found in msg_mainmenu.e.mst, a lot of this text has many, many curious mentions of things that are not found in the final game, including the NETWORK, DOWNLOAD and Xbox Live options, a Mission Mode and additional episodes with Super Sonic/Shadow/Silver and Metal Sonic listed as available characters, as well as a "super hard" additional mission pack ("very hard" eventually made into Very Hard Mode DLC), among other things.

Last Played Area
Xbox Live
Single Player: For one player
Multiplayer: 2 player mode
Xbox Live: View score and time rankings
Network: Download content and view rankings
Extras: Listen to music and view event movies
Options: Adjust various game settings
Episode Select: Play through the storyline
Trial Select: Play stages you have cleared
Gold Medal Results: Displays list of Gold Medals collected
Tag Story: A special two-player story
Tag Trial: Challenge previously-cleared missions with two players!
Rankings: Check your rank
Download; You can download additional game content
Network: You can check rankings and download content
Xbox Live: Connect to Xbox Live and check rankings
Play the Sonic The Hedgehog Episode
Play the Shadow The Hedgehog Episode
Play the Silver The Hedgehog Episode
Play the Last Episode
ACT Trial: Choose a Stage and play!
Town Trial: Choose a Town Mission and play!
Please select a Player
Please select a Stage
Play Sonic The Hedgehog Missions
Play Shadow The Hedgehog Missions
Play Silver The Hedgehog Missions
Play the Last Episode
Play Miles "Tails" Prower Missions
Play Knuckles The Echidna Missions
Play Rouge The Bat Missions
Play E-123 Omega Missions
Play Amy Rose Missions
Play Blaze The Cat Missions
Play Super Sonic Missions
Play Super Shadow Missions
Play Super Silver Missions
Play downloaded Character Missions
Play Metal Sonic Missions
Play ??? Mission.
Please select a Mission
Tag: Work together and head to the goal!
Battle: Reach the goal first!
Continue previous game
Start new game
Select a character
End Credits
Theater Room: View story events
Theater Room: Watch CG movies
Soleanna Castle Town
Soleanna New City
Soleanna forest
Audio Room: Check out the game's music
Select the track you want to hear
Audio Room: You can listen to different sounds
Please select a wireless controller to use.
Please select a wireless controller.
Please select Xbox 360 Controller to use.
Please select Xbox 360 Controller.
Join the game!
Press $ button to enter.
Start new game.
Please select character to play.
Please select a stage to play.
Multiplayer: 2 players mode.
Tag: Work together and head to the goal!
Battle: Compete each other's speed.
Battle: Reach the gold first!
Reach the goal first!
Connecting to Xbox Live.
Connected to Xbox Live.
Failed to connect to Xbox Live.
Please check your connection.
If you save a new tag game, your old tag game data will be overwritten.
Is this okay?
Soleanna Town
Display Gamer Profile
Quit Mission
Change storage device
Select storage device
Last Save Time
Total Play Time
Play Miles "Tails" Prower Episode
Play Knuckles The Echidna Episode
Play Rouge The Bat Episode
Play E-123 Omega Episode
Play Amy Rose Episode
Play Blaze The Cat Episode
Play Super Sonic Spisode
Play Super Shadow Episode
Play Super Silver Episode
Play Download Character Episode
Play Metal Sonic Episode
Play ??? Episode
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Preview Version (720p)
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Preview Version (480p)
Sonic's Theme
Shadow's Theme
Silver's Theme
Tails' Theme
Knuckles' Theme
Rouge's Theme
Omega's Theme
Amy's Theme
Blaze's Theme
Dr. Eggman's Theme
Metal Sonic's Theme
Soleanna's Theme
Memorial Sonic's Theme
Sonic Icon
Shadow Icon
Silver Icon
Dr. Eggman Icon
Metal Sonic Icon
Soleanna Icon
Memorial Sonic Icon
Sonic All Icon Set
Additional Mission Pack "Sonic/Very Hard"
Additional Mission Pack "Sonic/Super Hard"
Additional Mission Pack "Sonic/Extra"
Additional Mission Pack "Shadow/Very Hard"
Additional Mission Pack "Shadow/Super Hard"
Additional Mission Pack "Shadow/Extra"
Additional Mission Pack "Silver/Very Hard"
Additional Mission Pack "Silver/Super Hard"
Additional Mission Pack "Silver/Extra"
Additional Mission Pack "Very Hard All"
Additional Mission Pack "Super Hard All."
Additional Mission Pack "Extra All"
Additional Episode "Tails"
Additional Episode "Knuckles"
Additional Episode "Amy"
Additional Episode "Blaze"
Additional Episode "Rouge"
Additional Episode "Omega"
Additional Episode "Metal Sonic"
Additional Mission Pack "Tails"
Additional Mission Pack "Knuckles"
Additional Mission Pack "Amy"
Additional Mission Pack "Blaze"
Additional Mission Pack "Rouge"
Additional Mission Pack "Omega"
Additional Mission Pack "Metal Sonic"
Sonic The Hedgehog redefines his trademark speed for the most intense, high-velocity adventure yet! 
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Preview Version (720p)
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Preview Version (480p)
Sonic The Hedgehog's Theme
Shadow The Hedgehog's Theme
Silver The Hedgehog's Theme
Dr. Eggman Boss Theme
Metal Sonic's Theme
King Soleanna and Elise's Theme
Sonic 15th Anniversary Theme
Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles Icon
Shadow, Rouge, and Omega Icon
Silver, Amy, and Blaze Icon
Eggman and Boss Icon
Metal Sonic Icon
Elise and King Soleanna Icon
A set of all SONIC THE HEDGEHOG icons
You can play a new set of very hard missions for Sonic.
You can play a new set of super hard missions for Sonic.
You can play a new set of extra missions for Sonic.
You can play a new set of very hard missions for Shadow.
You can play a new set of super hard missions for Shadow.
You can play a new set of extra missions for Shadow.
You can play a new set of very hard missions for Silver.
You can play a new set of super hard missions for Silver.
You can play a new set of extra missions for Silver.
You can play a new set of very hard missions for Sonic, Shadow, and Silver.
You can play a new set of super hard missions for Sonic, Shadow, and Silver.
You can play a new set of extra missions for Sonic, Shadow, and Silver.
You can play an additional episode for Tails.
You can play an additional episode for Knuckles.
You can play an additional episode for Amy.
You can play an additional episode for Blaze.
You can play an additional episode for Rouge.
You can play an additional episode for Omega.
You can play an additional episode for Metal Sonic.
You can play additional missions for Tails.
You can play additional missions for Knuckles.
You can play additional missions for Amy.
You can play additional missions for Blaze.
You can play additional missions for Rouge.
You can play additional missions for Omega.
You can play additional missions for Metal Sonic.

Other Unused Text

Found in msg_system.e.mst. Note the presence of difficulty options, experience points, and the mentions of "Rainbow Gem" and "Super Form," once again confirming that the gem would allow the player to turn into Super Sonic/Shadow/Silver within the levels. It also seems that Sonic Adventure 2-style goals were once meant to be part of the game, as well as a mode where the player has to get to a new Goal Ring located elsewhere in the level. The $ sign is a variable; it can mean anything.

Mach Speed
Gun Drive
Thunder Guard
Homing Smash
Light Chip
Bound Bracelet
Power Bracelet
No equipment
Green Gem
Red Gem
Blue Gem
White Gem
Sky Gem
Yellow Gem
Purple Gem
Rainbow Gem
LV. 1
LV. 2
LV. 3
Attack surrounding enemies by stirring up a whirlwind
Slows time down in the immediate vicinity
A sonic-speed Burst Dash
Come to a midair stop and then attack with a Homing Dash
Teleport to where you have tossed the gem
Protects against enemy attacks and pulls in Rings
Sonic transforms into a larger size
Super Form
Get to the Goal Ring!
Get to the goal within $ minutes!
Collect $ Rings!
Defeat all enemies!
Wipe out all enemies!
Get to the goal within $ minutes!
Collect $ Rings!
Find $ Chao!
Find the Goal Ring!
Get to the new Goal Ring!
Clear the minigame!
Clear hard mode!



  • The game's manual states under Tails' and E-123 Omega's character bios that you can use their Fly/Hover abilities until the gauge runs out. However, in the actual game there is no such gauge visible on screen. Despite this, both Tails and E-123 Omega have the line 'psi_power' in their parameter files, confirming that they do have gauges, but they are unseen and are set to 0.
  • Sonic's gem abilities are described as being able to upgrade up to level 3, draining energy when used, and that Chaos Drives power up the bar like for characters which have a working one, but this function was never finalized. Despite this, the bar still shows up when you play as Sonic anyway.
  • The hub worlds and action stages are referred to as having a level indicator. How this would have functioned is unknown.

Internal filenames

  • The internal naming scheme of the music for stages usually follows this format: stg_(stage id)_(letter).xma. The letter corresponds with which section of the stage in which the music plays. However, Crisis City's tracks don't follow this as closely. The first two tracks are stg_csc_a.xma and stg_csc_b.xma respectively, but the mach speed section's track is called stg_csc_e.xma, and the track for the section before it is called stg_csc_f.xma, which may imply both that Crisis City had many more areas in the past and also that the mach speed section was intended to be before that platforming section. The former is unlikely as the game is relatively sloppy internally, but the latter is supported by the fact that the "All" track on the OST uses this order. Note that none of the other stages' tracks exhibit this oddity.
  • The track "Town Mission" uses the name stg_twn_shop.xma, which doesn't fit the syntax of the other Town Mission tracks. These are named twn_mission_comical.xma, twn_mission_slow.xma, and twn_mission_fast.xma respectively.
  • Many of Sonic's internal files are referred to as sonic_new, likely because Sonic's model was changed from the one seen at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2005.
  • The Gems in this game were originally supposed to be Chaos Emeralds, as evident with how the Rainbow Gem is referred to as Emerald_S in the game's code.


  • All of the textures used in the background of the stages' previews are much wider than they need to be: 2048 pixels. By contrast, they are only 512 pixels tall, since those screens leave space on the top and bottom. The extra space to the right of the 1280 used pixels is simply black and does not appear to serve a purpose.
  • HUD and voice files exist for the PS3 version in the Xbox 360 version. The HUD file specifically contains both the Xbox and PS3 button prompts within the same file.
  • One of the two parameters for input_method within the players' .lub files is input_method_mario64. The parameter is used for most Amigo characters, while Sonic and Shadow use input_method_sonic_v1. The reason for this naming scheme is unknown.