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Sonic Forces (Windows)

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Title Screen

Sonic Forces

Developers: Sonic Team, Hardlight
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: November 9, 2017
Released in US: November 7, 2017
Released in EU: November 7, 2017
Released in AU: November 7, 2017

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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Cacti speak Japanese.
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Notes: Needs translation/transcription for Japanese audio files

Receiving a mixed reaction from critics and fans, Sonic Forces is the most recent installment in the 3D games. Featuring Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and a character with a pinch of your creativity added to it. Much like Sonic Mania, it was released for the series' 25th anniversary... in the sense that it was released over a year after the fact.

To do:
  • Add Korean, Polish, Russian, and Chinese (both variations) to all unused dialogue sections. That'll be fun...
  • An earlier revision of the script was found. Could be good for a Prerelease page.
  • Somebody should look if there is any code left from the scrapped trick system, or at least animations or anything.

Unused Graphics


A leftover splash screen for a very confidential VR demo. This image is stored within "vr_stage.pac".

(Source: Zoney)


An unused splash screen with the game's ESRB rating. This is stored within "ui_title_esrb_e10.pac".

(Source: RobowilOFFICIAL)

Unused Object Layouts

Null Space

Hacking Null Space to start the player further back and to lock their Z position reveals that there was originally to be a Quick Step section before the Double Boost. The Phantom Ruby cube obstacles don't have their usual effects; rather than distorting the play field, changing the object layout and stopping the music, these simply damage Sonic normally.

This cut area renders a bit of dialogue unused as well (found in voice_wars_ingame_jp/en.acb):

Japanese Transcript/Translation English Transcript
This is the Null Space... I get it now. An eternal prison with no end in sight.
A prison that goes on forever, huh?
There's nothing here... It seems to be empty right down to the core. But I understood something thanks to this.
At least getting sent here taught me something.
That the fact that I'm not alone is much more powerful than this!
Nothing beats realizing that you're not alone!

International versions also exist (found in voice_wars_ingame_fr/ge/it/sp.acb):

French Transcript/Translation
Une prison interminable, c'est bien ça?

A prison without an end, is that it?

Au moins être envoyé ici m'a appris quelque chose.

At least having been sent here made me learn something.

Y'a rien de mieux que de se rendre compte qu'on est pas seuls!

There's nothing better to realise that we're not alone!

German Transcript/Translation
Ein Gefängnis ohne Anfang und Ende, wie?

A prison without beginning or end, huh?

Wenigstens habe ich hier etwas gelernt...

At least I've learned something here...

Es tut gut zu wissen, dass man nicht allein ist!

It's good to know that you're not alone!

Italian Transcript/Translation
Questa prigionia non finisce mai, eh?

This prisony never ends, huh?

Almeno da tutto ciò ho imparato qualcosa...

At least I learnt something from all of this...

Non c'è niente di meglio che sapere di non essere solo!

There's nothing better than knowing that you're not alone!

Spanish Transcript/Translation
Una prisión que no acaba nunca, eh?

A prision that never ends, huh?

Por lo menos aquí aprendí algo...

At least I learned something here...

Nada es mas fuerte que darte cuenta de que no estás sólo!

Nothing is stronger than knowing that you're not alone!

Mortar Canyon

Mortar Canyon was going to be much more difficult and much less automated initially. Some differences include the relative scarcity of rings compared to the rest of the game, interesting camera angles, and the overall challenge.


Sunset Heights, Park Avenue, and Red Gate Bridge were originally intended to be one long stage. The spawn point is located far underneath the stage, for some bizarre reason. Use of Tag Team is just an assumption here but makes sense given the nature of the stage(s). Some differences include a smaller amount of rings and interesting camera angles (specifically, the camera shifts slightly to show you what is ahead when boosting in 2D, unlike the final method of reducing your 2D speed), in tandem with the Mortar Canyon layout, and widespread use of the silver attacking Egg Pawns as opposed to the standard yellow used in this stage in the final rendition. The stage crashes near the end due to the game trying to load the QTE for Red Gate Bridge.

Sunset Heights has a second object layout from much earlier in development. After about 30-40 seconds of play, it stops syncing with the level geometry, so it can only be speculated as to what it was for.

A third layout exists for the stage, which is from after the stages were split up. This layout is extremely strange in that the player never gains control over Sonic at any point.

Sonicforces earlysunset.png

In the game's texture files is a picture of what is presumably an early version of Sunset Heights, most likely the version from the Sunset Heights/Park Avenue/Red Gate Bridge merger stage from the video above, judging by the single line of rings visible. Most interesting about this screenshot is the early HUD - the black parts of it are slightly transparent instead of fully opaque in the final game. The Burst and Cube Wispons are also using different icons; the Burst Wispon's render here is angled differently but otherwise the same as the final game. The Cube Wispon, however, is very different, specifically, the cube-shaped part of the weapon is much smaller than the hammer portion of it. In the final game, the cube part is evenly sized with the hammer part.

The render of the Avatar at the top-left of the HUD used for the Rental Avatar feature is mostly the same, albeit lacking the button prompt telling you how to switch to that Avatar. However, the Rental Avatar feature is only used in stages where the Avatar is playable - Though the Avatar itself is not seen in this screenshot, it seems to confirm that the three City levels were originally going to be one long Tag Team stage. Lastly, and probably most intriguing are the three icons that are never seen in the final game. A trophy with a 30, a handgun with two up-pointing arrows, and a gear with two down-pointing arrows. Only assumptions can be made as to what these did, but they might have simply been early versions of the Wispon perks that many Wispons have in the final game.

Egg Gate

Perhaps the least interesting of the early object layouts so far, with the only notable differences being the triggers for some otherwise unused dialogue at the beginning. In tandem with the other two object layouts, there are more camera angles, and Sonic overall seems to be faster for some reason. Unlike those two, however, this still has the excessive rings of the final version, suggesting that this layout was further along to what ended up in the final game.

The unused dialogue is as follows:

Japanese Transcript/Translation English Transcript
Whew! I haven't had a good exercise in a while.
Phew! I needed a good workout after all that rest.
My body is nimble as ever.
I haven't lost my edge.

Final Judgement

Final Judgement has a fully unique skybox that cannot be seen in normal gameplay due to the fact that the stage takes place entirely inside.

Luminous Forest

Luminous Forest's unused layout seems to be very early in development, not containing much at all aside from a slightly more challenging starting area than the final game's. The user who posted the video also disabled the level geometry for some reason, but this appears to fit correctly onto that of the final.


Three object layouts for what appear to be test levels exist, though the associated geometry has yet to be found, as has the collision from the latter two. Interestingly, one of these layouts contains an unused variant of the Avatar's grapple point that functions like the swinging bars from (most recently) Sonic Generations, locking onto it when homing attacked and sending the player higher when they press the jump button at the right time.


Another extremely early layout. This one in particular doesn't match with any level in the final game at all, and consists only of Rings and the more powerful silver Egg-Pawns.

Early Episode Shadow Layouts

The Switch version of the Sonic Forces Demo has two layouts in its files from Episode Shadow, these being Enemy Territory and Virtual Reality. Enemy Territory has an incomplete version of the Buzz Bomber spawner and a vastly different object layout for the 2D Section. While Virtual Reality borrows most of its object layout from Guardian Rock with some alterations to fit in with the boost gameplay. It also has 2 cameras for the intro and is a lot shorter then the one used in the final game.

Unused Maps

The PC version contains leftover maps used for the cutscenes in the game, some of which are prerendered in the same fashion as Sonic Colors' cutscenes, in addition to variants of these maps that appear to be unused entirely. They consist of:

  • Eggman's base as seen in the beginning
  • Sunset Heights (though this is merely an edited-down version of the level geometry)
  • the Resistance base (which is actually seen in an in-game cutscene at the end of the game, but uses a different model that includes the intended computer display seen in all other representations of the area)
  • an unused version of Zavok's pre-fight scene map (which itself is cut down from Zavok's fight arena)
  • Green Hill (which appears to be cut down from Guardian Rock's crab fight)
  • Eggman Empire Fortress as seen in Classic Sonic's final scene
  • Sunset Heights as seen in the ending

Though some of these maps are used for cutscenes involving the Avatar and ones that are thus real-time, an important thing to note is that all of them contain collision, including ones that aren't based on level geometry or otherwise playable areas, though this collision is unfinished in those particular maps. This suggests that they were originally intended for a hub world system of sorts, possibly harkening back to Sonic Unleashed, but the idea was scrapped at a point when the maps were still being created.

Unused Soundeffects

Found in the game files are the trick ramp sound effects from the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, which indicates that there was once the trick system from Sonic Generations planned, but never fully implemented...

Early Music

To do:
Check if the early music exists in the console versions.

From the release of the PC version up until a November 23rd patch, the Episode Shadow DLC used different, seemingly early, versions of its music tracks. The World Map theme, in particular, is ripped directly from Shadow the Hedgehog, with a sudden and abrupt loop to boot!

The console versions had always used the "Post-Patch" tracks and never needed this update, so this was likely an error on Hardlight's part since they handled the PC port.

Pre-Patch Post-Patch Track Differences
World Map As noted above, just a straight rip of the original song from Shadow the Hedgehog. Nothing much of note besides that.
Enemy Territory In the first 12 seconds there's a very apparent change, the guitar has been made louder and certain synthetic elements have either been brought drastically down in volume or just omitted entirely. In the next 12 seconds, an electric guitar has been added to replace the synthesizer only heard in the left channel in the pre-patch version, same applies from 29 seconds to 40 seconds in the song. From 40-48, a guitar was added and, what sounds like electric sparks was also added during the drop. From 48 to 1:12, the guitar that was added before now sounds more synthetic. From 1:12 to 1:23, more synthetic sounds were added, such as sirens, and almost Commodore 64 sounding bleeps and bloops. From then on, it loops.
Eggman's Facility These differences get a little mistimed in my notes due to the post-patch song basically omitting a few loops which existed in the pre-patch version. From the beginning to 6 seconds in, the twinkly sound has been made louder. From 6 to 19 seconds, the monkey noises (I honestly don't know what to call them) from the original Sonic Adventure 2 song were added in. 19 seconds to 32 seconds in the pre-patch version has been completely omitted from the post-patch version, getting instead straight into the vocals. 32 to 44 in the pre-patch version, the vocals lack the filter they used in the original Sonic Adventure 2 song and the post-patch version. The main instrumental "chorus" in the post-patch version, has an electric guitar added in. After that in the pre-patch version, there's a whole section with record-scratch sound effects and a drum solo, which is completely omitted in the post-patch version. The post-patch version instead opting for guitars, drums, synths and remixed vocals. The post-patch version also has a whole section that doesn't exist in the pre-patch version at all. From then on, both versions seem to match up again, with the pre-patch version missing filters on the vocals again, until they inevitably loop and go out of sync.
Virtual Reality The intros for both versions are very different from each other. Pre-patch's intro very closely resembles the Sonic Adventure 2 original, lacking the Biolizard scream, where the post-patch version sounds almost nothing like the pre-patch OR the original for that matter. In the next section, post-patch adds a guitar that pre-patch didn't have in this section and extends this section by about another 10 seconds. In the section with the vocal chorus, post-patch adds a guitar to the background. In the "drop" section, pre-patch sounds more like a poorly done dubstep remix that was thrown in at the last minute. The post-patch however, sounds better and includes lyrics from the original version of the song.

Unused Animations

Classic Sonic has some unused animations that were carried over from Sonic Generations and were unused there as well, implying that his model in this game was simply converted to the new formats rather than being rebuilt from scratch.

Unused Voice Clips

To do:
There's an unused "Triple boost" clip in the generic voices archive, which goes unused since the game only ever has Sonic vocalize the Triple Boost if the Radio is turned on, which plays a unique clip.

Generic In-Game Radio Voice Clips

To do:
Add text from all the other languages (and then translate that, or at least the Japanese version since that's the original language).

In the bgm_wars_event_en archive, there are 73 voice clips for an event called ev9000. While 2 of them ended up getting used for Classic Sonic's Chemical Plant ("Too much quiet is usually a sign of danger." and "Best to play it safe here."), the remaining 71 voice clips went unused. Unlike the rest of the voice clips, these 71 voice clips only have audio files for the English version but the rest of them do still have subtitles.



English Transcript
Aw, at least try to make it a challenge.
Think you can keep up with me?
Ha! I'm not falling for that one.
Heh! The enemy is getting desperate now!
All right, let's see who's faster!
Time to get serious!
Oops! I slipped up.
Now things are getting interesting!
That was pretty cool if you ask me!
Looks like we've got company.
Piece of cake!
Stop me if you can!
I'm coming for you, Eggman!
Heh. That was a little dicey!
Full speed ahead!
Seems like the fighting is pretty fierce over there, too.


English Transcript
Enemy approaching!
Watch it! There are traps everywhere.
You've got this, Sonic.
It's reckless to just charge in.
Great work! That went well!
I don't like this.
You're amazing, Sonic!
Phew, that was close!
Whoa! What do we do now, Sonic?
Something is up! Be careful, Sonic!

(Note: Possibly scrapped before an audio filter could've been implemented here.)


English Transcript
All right! Show them what we can do!
That's how it's done!
Give them a walloping!
Uh-oh. This doesn't look good.
That got me sweating.
What's up? You okay?
Hey, rookie! Put on your game face.
Smash them all to pieces!
Keep moving!
Wish I could be there.
You're gonna get it, Eggman!


English Transcript
Multiple enemies detected!
Well done! Make sure you get home safe!
Things are looking up.
I have a bad feeling about this.
So far, so good.
Are you all right!?
I knew you could do it!
Watch out! You've got company!


English Transcript
Ngh. Time is running out.
Don't take any chances.
This is where the real fight begins.
Nice! A job well done!
Our future hangs in the balance!


English Transcript
Hmph. Hardly impressive.
Even you should be able to pull that off.
Do not underestimate the Doctor's scientific ability.
No need for me to get involved here.
Stay vigilant. It's not over yet.
Relax. It's no big deal.


English Transcript
Mission complete! Well done.
Hey. Have you been good?


English Transcript
Keep your head on straight, rookie!
Finish them off!


English Transcript
Always stay calm in battle!
Don't slip up, or it could be lights out.
Fortune favors the bold! Take them out!
I sense the enemy approaching!


English Transcript
That's so cool. I'd just get dizzy.
Uh oh. Did something go wrong?
Yay! We did it!
Boy, am I hungry.


English Transcript
We're falling back! Good luck!
Giant mech sighted!
Watch out! The enemy is massing their forces!

Lost Valley

The first stage has three unused voice clips that were presumably going to be used for the automatic sequence where Sonic runs on a sand waterfall.

English Transcript
Sand waterfalls are great! You can run on 'em and everything!
If only the view was a little better.
Gotta get Green Hill back to normal quick!
Japanese Transcript/Translation
If you asked me what's good about sand waterfalls, it's that you can run on them like this!
これで景色が良ければ、言うことないんだけど… 。
I wish the scenery was better, though…
I really do need to bring Green Hill back to normal quick.
French Transcript/Translation
C'est trop cool les cascades de sable! On peut courrir dessus et tout!

Sandfalls are so cool! You can run on them and all!

Si seulement la vue était plus belle...

If only the view was more pretty...

Il faut vite remettre Green Hill dans son état normal!

We quickly need to put Green Hill back in its normal state!

German Transcript/Translation
Sandfälle sind echt toll! Da kann man sogar drauf laufen, und so!

Sandfalls are really great! You can even run on them, and stuff!

Wenn nur die Aussicht etwas besser wäre...

If only the view was a little better...

Green Hill muss wiederhergerichtet werden!

Green Hill must be readjusted back to normal!

Italian Transcript/Translation
Le cascate di sabbia sono fantastiche! Puoi correrci sopra!

Sand waterfalls are amazing! You can run over them!

Se solo la vista fosse migliore...

If only there was a better view...

Dobbiamo riportare Green Hill alla normalità!

We must bring Green Hill back to normality!

Spanish Transcript/Translation
¡Las cataratas de arena son geniales! ¡Puedes correr por ellas y todo!

The sand waterfalls are great! You can run on them and everything!

Ojalá las vistas fueran un poco mejor...

If only the view was a little better...

¡Tenemos que recuperar Green Hill lo antes posible!

We have to recover Green Hill as soon as possible!

Voiceover for Text

Voiceovers for the text in between the second and third cutscene exist in the files. It is unknown if they were intended to be used or if they were simple placeholders. Curiously, no versions in Japanese or other languages exist.

Clips Transcript
With Sonic defeated, Eggman's army quickly took over. Within months, all but a few isolated areas in the world were under their control.
Despite the overwhelming odds, a rag-tag resistance formed banding together, to continue the fight.
And now, a new face prepares to join the struggle.

Arsenal Pyramid

A unique voice clip of Sonic shouting "Double Boost" before using the double boost went unused because the game only uses one voice clip for every instance of double boost for each language.

English Transcript
Double Boost!
Japanese Transcript/Translation

Double Boost!!

French Transcript/Translation
Double Turbo!

Double Turbo!

German Transcript/Translation
Doppel Turbo!

Double Turbo!

Italian Transcript/Translation
Turbo Doppio!

Double Turbo!

Spanish Transcript/Translation
¡Doble turbo!

Double Turbo!

Red Gate Bridge

Unused Metal Sonic fight dialogue
Knuckles was originally giving you hints and warnings for the Metal Sonic boss fight and the fight had a lot more talking.

English Transcript
Sonic: Hey, Metal! Looks like you hit a growth spurt since the last time we met.
Sonic: Let's see how your speed is!
Knuckles: Both of you just run fast and catch up! You'll get an opening soon enough.
Sonic: Come on, who do you think you're talking to? I've got this.
Knuckles: Hey, watch out behind you! Just run!
Sonic: Looks like he's pretty worn down!
Sonic: Yeah! We did it!
Sonic: This is our chance to blast right through!
Knuckles: Now's your chance, guys! Let 'em have it!
Knuckles: Keep your cool! Watch closely and evade!
Japanese Transcript/Translation
Sonic: Hey メタル ! ちょっと見ない間にデカくなったな !

Sonic: Hey, Metal! You've gotten pretty huge since the last time we met!

Sonic: スピードはどうだか、試させてもらうぜ !

Sonic: Let's see how your speed is!

Knuckles: 2人とも!とにかく速く走って追いつけ!そうすりゃ必ずスキを見せるはずだ!

Knuckles: Both of you just run fast and catch up with him! He should show an opening soon enough!

Sonic: へっ!オレ達を誰だと思ってるんだ?まかせとけ!

Sonic: Heh! Who do you think we are? Leave it to us!

Knuckles: おい!後ろに気をつけろ!とにかく走るんだ!

Knuckles: Hey! Look out behind you! Just keep running!

Sonic: だいぶ弱ってきたみたいだな…!

Sonic: Looks like he's gotten much weaker…!

Sonic: Yeah! やったぜ!

Sonic: Yeah! We did it!

Sonic: このスキに駆け抜けるぞ!

Sonic: We're gonna blast right through!

Knuckles: 今だ 2人とも!ぶっつぶせ!

Knuckles: That's it, you two! Smash him!

Sonic: 落ちつけ!良く見て避けるんだ!

Sonic: Keep cool! Pay attention and evade!

French Transcript/Translation
Sonic: Hey, Metal! On dirait que tu as possé depuis la dernière fois qu'on s'est vus.

Sonic: Hey, Metal! You've apparently grown since the last time we saw each other.

Sonic: Voyons de s'qu'il en est de ta vitesse!

Sonic: Let's see what's about your speed!

Knuckles: Hey vous deux, foncez et rattrapez votre retard, vous trouverez vite une ouverture.

Knuckles: Hey you two, dash and catch up, you'll soon find an opening.

Sonic: Ben voyons! À qui tu crois parler? J'vais assurer!

Sonic: Hey there! To who do you think you're talking to? I'll be fine

Knuckles: Hey! Attention derrière vous! Courrez!

Knuckles: Hey! Watch out behind you! Run!

Sonic: On dirait qu'il est plutôt à plat.

Sonic: Looks like he's a little flattened. (Could've been a pun, but is not)

Sonic: Ouais! On a réussi!

Sonic: Yeah! We did it!

Sonic: C'est le moment ou jamais de s'infiltrer!

Sonic: It's now or never if we want to get close!

Knuckles: Allez-y les amis! Montrez lui un peu!

Knuckles: Let's go guys! Show him what you're made of!

Knuckles: Gardez votre calme, soyez attentifs et esquivez.

Knuckles: Keep calm, watch out and dodge.

German Transcript/Translation
Sonic: Hey, Metal! Du bist wohl gewachsen seit ich dich das letzte Mal gesehen habe...

Sonic: Hey, Metal! You've apparently been growing up more since the last time I've met you...

Sonic: ...Bist du auch schneller geworden?

Sonic: ...Have you been getting faster too?

Knuckles: Rennt so schnell ihr könnt und holt uns ein. Du wirst deine Gelegenheit bald bekommen.

Knuckles: Run as fast as you can and catch up with us. You'll soon get an opportunity.

Sonic: Was denkst du mit wem du hier redest? Ich hab's im Griff.

Sonic: With who do you think you're talking to? I have everything under control.

Knuckles: Achtung, hinter dir! Renn einfach!

Knuckles: Caution, behind you! Just run!

Sonic: Er sieht ziemlich mitgenommen aus!

Sonic: He looks pretty worn out!

Sonic: Ja! Geschafft!

Sonic: Yes! Did it!

Sonic: Das ist unsere Chance reinzuhauen!

Sonic: This is our chance to beat him with our full strength!

Knuckles: Das ist eure Chance! Zeigst ihm!

Knuckles: This is your chance! Show him what you're made of!

Knuckles: Ruhig Blut! Passt auf und weicht aus!

Knuckles: Steady! Watch out and evade!

Italian Transcript/Translation
Sonic: Hey, Metal! Sembri cresciuto rispetto all'ultima volta che ti ho visto...

Sonic: Hey, Metal! Looks like you've grown up since the last time I've met you...

Sonic: Vediamo se sei anche più veloce...

Sonic: Let's see if you're faster, too...

Knuckles: Voi due, correte più che potete! Avrete la vostra occasione molto presto!

Knuckles: You two, run as fast as you can! You'll have your chance pretty soon!

Sonic: Ma dai, con chi credi di avere a che fare? Ci penso io!

Sonic: Come on, who do you think you're talking to? I've got this!

Knuckles: Hey, attenti dietro di voi! Scappate!

Knuckles: Hey, watch out behind you! Run!

Sonic: Mi sembra abbastanza esaurito...

Sonic: He looks pretty exhausted...

Sonic: Sì! Ce l'abbiamo fatta!

Sonic: Yes! We did it!

Sonic: Questa è la nostra occasione, andiamo!

Sonic: This is our chance, let's go!

Knuckles: Tocca a noi, ragazzi, diamoci dentro!

Knuckles: This is our turn, guys, let's do this!

Knuckles: Restate calmi, state attenti e schivatelo.

Knuckles: Stay calm, watch out and dodge.

Spanish Transcript/Translation
Sonic: Hey Metal, has pegado el estirón desde la ultima vez que nos vemos.

Sonic: Hey Metal, you have quite stretched out the last time we saw each other.

Sonic: ¡Veamos como estas de velocidad!

Sonic: Let's see how well is your speed!

Knuckles: ¡Corred todo lo rápido que podáis, tendréis vuestra oportunidad!

Knuckles: Run as fast as you can, you will have your chance!

Sonic: ¿Pero con quien te crees que estas hablando? ¡Déjamelo a mi!

Sonic: But who do you think you're talking to? Leave it to me!

Knuckles: ¡Eh, detrás de vosotros! ¡Corred!

Knuckles: Hey, behind you! Run!

Sonic: ¡Parece que estas bastante cansado!

Sonic: It looks like you're pretty tired!

Sonic: ¡Si! ¡Lo Conseguimos!

Sonic: Yes! We did it!

Sonic: ¡Es nuestra oportunidad de pasad!

Sonic: It's our chance to pass!

Knuckles: ¡Es vuestra oportunidad chicos! ¡A por el!

Knuckles: It's our chance guys! Get him!

Knuckles: ¡Mantened la calma! ¡Vigilarlo de cerca y esquivarlo!

Knuckles: Keep calm! Watch him closely and dodge him!

Double Boost
A unique voice clip of Sonic shouting "Double Boost" before using the double boost went unused because the game only uses one voice clip for every instance of double boost for each language.

English Transcript
Double Boost!
Japanese Transcript/Translation

Double Boost!!

French Transcript/Translation
Double Turbo!

Double Turbo!

German Transcript/Translation
Doppel Turbo!

Double Turbo!

Italian Transcript/Translation
Turbo Doppio!

Double Turbo!

Spanish Transcript/Translation
¡Doble turbo!

Double Turbo!

Maximum Power
From what it sounds like, these are unused alternative voice clips for finishing the fight except Sonic doesn't say "Double Boost!" and instead goes "Maximum Power!"

English Transcript
Time to wrap things up, partner!
Let's do this! Maximum Power!
Japanese Transcript/Translation
Time to finish this!
Attack him at full power!
French Transcript/Translation
C'est l'heure d'en finir, partenaire!

It's time to end this, partner!

C'est parti! Puissance maximale!

Here we go! Maximum power!

German Transcript/Translation
Lass uns das erledigen, Partner!

Let's settle this, partner!

Na los, gehen wir's an! Mit voller Kraft!

Come on, let's confront it! With full power!

Italian Transcript/Translation
È ora di darci un taglio, collega!

It's time to finish this off, partner!

Avanti! Potenza al massimo!

Come on! Maximum power!

Spanish Transcript/Translation
¡Hora de poner fin a esto, amigo!

Time to end this, buddy! (male)

¡Hora de poner fin a esto, amiga!

Time to end this, buddy! (female)

¡A por ellos! ¡Máxima potencia!

Get them! maximum power!