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Mario's Super Picross

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Title Screen

Mario's Super Picross

Also known as: Mario no Super Picross (JP)
Developers: Ape, Jupiter
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: September 14, 1995
Released in US: September 23, 2020 (Nintendo Switch Online)
Released in EU: September 14, 2007 (Wii Virtual Console)
Released in AU: September 14, 2007 (Wii Virtual Console)
Released in KR: September 23, 2020 (Nintendo Switch Online)
Released in HK: February 17, 2021 (Nintendo Switch Online)

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Mario's least popular game by logic. People protested penalties for making mistakes.

Unused Music

There are two unused songs, but their purpose here is not clear. All songs can be heard at the Select-A-Data Screen using Pro Action Replay code C02B79?? (where "??" is one of the below). All songs have looped/non-looping versions, and subtracting or adding 40 from the current song's value will play them. Earlier versions of both of these songs are found unused in Tamori no Picross.

ID Song

(Source: nensondubois)

Sound Test

Looks like an N64 font. Could also explain the Hi-res mode.

Use Pro Action Replay code 7E119C0E or ROM address C021B20E at the title screen. Songs 07 and 0B are unused. Pressing Up or Down will toggle between BGM/SF. Left or Right will select the song/sfx number, A plays music and B or X will play the currently selected sound effect. Y will restart the song.

Song number 19 is the last song before silence or crashing the APU.

(Source: nensondubois)

Data Clear

Select A Delete!

Use Pro Action Replay code 7E119C0F or ROM address C021B20F at the title screen. All progress will be lost if you choose to erase. Not used, however, individual save files can be erased in-game by pressing A + B + Select on the highlighted file.

(Source: nensondubois)

Hidden Messages

Present throughout the ROM are various messages.

At 0xD244 is the name of the main programmer.

Noriaki Teramoto

Another is at 0xE1C6.


This next one is at 0xE332 and 0xE56E.


Another message is present at 0xE6FC and 0xE776.


Build information is present at 0xE0003.

DBOOT VER1.03 .MSPIC 95/07/21
(Source: nensondubois)

Anti Piracy

While Mario no Super Picross wasn't released outside of Japan, Nintendo really didn't want anyone else to play the game, slapping PAL would-be players with various error messages.


Don't copy that Floppy!

Copiers were obviously not intended to play the game, the above screen just shows.

Region Lockout

Looks like I imported this all for nothing...

Attempting to play the game with a PAL-territory SNES throws up this error screen upon booting, complete with frizzle-in effects. Nintendo planned to release Super Picross internationally, but scrapped them due to poor reception from Mario's Picross, making this screen appear a bit awkward.

Nintendo Switch Online Changes

To do:
Get clean screenshots of Mario Levels 6-J and Wario Levels 2-B & 5-L original release and Nintendo Switch Online puzzles. Also, check if the Virtual Console release has the same or even more puzzle changes and clarify as such even if there is no changes on that release.

In the Nintendo Switch Online release, Mario Levels 6-J and Wario Levels 2-B & 5-L have been changed for some reason.

(Source: shirokirby, pio_000)