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Proto:Dr. Mario (NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dr. Mario (NES).

The prototypes of Dr. Mario are mostly from before the game mutated into its now-classic form and title. It was originally called Virus, with a much different style.



Virus 1989 & 1990
Two builds from early in development, when the Viruses weren't actually the centerpiece.
PlayChoice-10 Prototype
Has a new logo and much of the final Dr. Mario style, but several oddities and unfinished bits remain.

Dr. Mario

April 27, 1990 Prototype
A near-final build, now with the Dr. Mario title.
Late Prototype
Similar to the April 27 build, but with a few more fixes and changes.
Prototype C
A very late prototype, much closer to the final product.