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Title Screen


開発元: Nintendo
発売元: Nintendo
プラットフォーム: NES
日本での発売日: 1988年10月23日
アメリカでの発売日: 1990年2月12日
ヨーロッパでの発売日: 1991年8月29日


AreasIcon.png 未使用のエリア
EnemyIcon.png 未使用の敵キャラクター
GraphicsIcon.png 未使用のグラフィック
TextIcon.png 未使用のテキスト
DebugIcon.png デバッグ機能
LevelSelectIcon.png 非表示のステージ選択
RegionIcon.png 地域による違い
Carts.png バージョンによる違い

スーパーマリオブラザーズ3 とは、今までにもっともよく売れたゲームソフトの一つであり、それにはまっとうな理由がある。そして、その中に隠された未使用な物もまた豊富にある。

Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the best-selling games of all time, and with good reason. It was a huge improvement over Super Mario Bros., with new powerups, more levels, Toad Houses, new mechanics, and so much more.


Smb3 suit.png
"Miss twice and your out!"




Game Genieコードの KKKZSPIU はコースセレクトやデバッグモードを有効にする。


  • を押すと始めるワールドを選択できる。
  • A を押すとライフ数を5ずつ増やせる(ボタンを押すごとにタイルが変わる)。
  • コントローラ2のA + B + 下 を押すとゲームの終わりのピーチの室にワープする。
  • A + B + 右 を押すと最後のカーテンまでワープする。


  • コントローラ1の Select を押すとマリオのすべての状態が巡る。
  • A / B + Select を押すとマリオがクリボーの靴を履くようになる(いくつかのステージではめちゃくちゃなグラフィックになるかもしれないが、正常にうごく)

加えて、時間制限がなくなる – タイマーは作動はするが、時間が切れてもマリオは死ななくなる。

The menu shown in the picture was found elsewhere in the ROM and hacked into the title screen; it doesn't appear if you use the Game Genie code by itself. Apply this IPS patch to a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM to see it for yourself.

Originally, it appears that this menu would have been accessible from the "1 PLAYER" / "2 PLAYER" selection menu if player 2 was holding A + B. It is also possible that this served some other purpose, but the above menu would be the most likely candidate. See Disassembly source for PRG bank #24, search for "Title_Do1P2PMenu:" Interestingly, the button check is still there but the action it was supposed to perform was overwritten with a series of NOP (no operation) instructions, likely done just before release.

(Source: menu found by BMF54123; code created by David Wonn; disassembly by Southbird)

Disconnected Debug Leftovers

Even if you enable the debug mode above, there are a couple of leftover routines that remain inaccessible. These routines do not seem to pay attention to the aforementioned debug flag, so either the check is simply lost to time or these routines were hardwired to always work. The latter would make sense why they are disconnected from the source.

  • Free Movement Mode - Unclear how this would be accessed, but would allow you to use the D-Pad to move around the level (see disassembly source for PRG bank #0, search for "$C3EA").
  • Toggled Invincibility - Pressing Select would toggle whether you were completely invulnerable (see disassembly source for PRG bank #0, search for "$C91B"; this behavior could be easily restored by retargeting the JMP instruction or moving the Objects_HandleScrollAndUpdate label since this method would fall through into normal game code).
(Source: Southbird)



(出典: Southbird)

In a 2P Vs. match, there is unused game code which causes a player to respawn when they die. They will respawn flashing and invincible until the player moves them. This behavior can be restored using Game Genie code ATUZPKOZ...which as a side effect also breaks logic for exiting after enough points have been earned.

(Source: Southbird)


(Additional information: Southbird)

オブジェクト 00

Bank ID: ??
オブジェクトID: 00


Bank ID: ??
オブジェクトID: 02


Bank ID: 00
オブジェクトID: 04

Nice numbers
and letters.


非常に奇妙なオブジェクトで、実際にこのオブジェクトを構成するタイルはROMにはありませんが、タイル B0-BFを使用することになっていました。それは初期化時にプレーヤに面しています。 マリオまたはルイージがこのオブジェクトに衝突すると、Micro-Goomba(クッパJr?)のように彼に固執し、決して動きませんが、動きを妨げることはありません。それはクッパシェルまたはハンマーで殺すことができます。


Bank ID: 00
オブジェクトID: 05

More numbers
Not as many letters though


Another weird sprite. The tiles that actually make up this object are no longer in the ROM, but it was supposed to use tiles A0-A7. This object walks around like a normal enemy. At a certain point in its walk cycle, it will jump up to Mario/Luigi's Y position and then fall back down.

Interestingly, walking into it will bounce Mario/Luigi in the opposite direction. The only way to get damaged by this object is to let it fall on you. It can be destroyed with a Koopa shell or Hammer.


Bank ID: 00
オブジェクトID: 0A

Who was the unfortunate Toad that got turned into this thing?

注: This is the best fit for this object's graphics, but it may not be correct.

A simple stationary object that can be "pushed" by Mario/Luigi. Its collision detection doesn't seem to be complete, though, since it can be pushed into walls.

Object 1C

Bank ID: ??
Object ID: 1C
Probably the most perplexing object, this causes something to fly off towards the player, out into the sky, leaving a mushroom gliding along where it spawned. This might have been like the bushes in Super Mario World where you run by them and a mushroom pops out, though the functionality is not nearly complete enough to be used that way.

Card Objects

Bank ID: 00
Object ID: 21 (Mushroom), 22 (Fire Flower), 23 (Star)
Electric Solitaire Porycard
Stationary object versions of the cards found at the end of each level! Collecting them will add the appropriate card to your inventory, but there's nothing in this object's code to handle when the card collected is the third card.

Getting to the goal with three of the same card won't trigger the 1-Up bonus. You still have to get the appropriate third card from the goal.

Peculiarly, this object calls a subroutine coined "Object_MoveAndReboundOffWall" (which would be a great function for just about every ground troop in the game, but only this object actually calls it), even though the object never moves.

Tan Cheep-Cheep

Bank ID: 00
Object ID: 88 (Single), D2 (Trio)
If it were in Mario Party, you would get 3 points for defeating it.
This Cheep-Cheep variant only appears in the seventh unused level. In that level, they always show up in groups of three (though sprite overload often keeps at least one from appearing), but a single enemy version is in the code.

It swims across the screen in a strange wavy pattern and is considerably faster than the standard red or green varieties.

Green Para-Beetle

Object ID: N/A
The speedy green!
This can only be spawned with the Para-Beetle Swarm object (see below). It flies faster than the Red Para-Beetle, but otherwise there's no difference between the two.

Bouncing Object

Bank ID: ??
Object ID: B3
A peculiar object that basically behaves similar to a Spiny Egg, but has glitched graphics. It can also curiously be "bounced" by a bounce block to turn around. Purpose unknown, maybe it was a rolling spike ball or something of that sort?

Para-Beetle Swarm

Bank ID: 00
Object ID: B7
A control object that will spawn Green and Red Para-Beetles on the left and right sides of the screen. It's used in the ninth and tenth unused levels.


Some level types have unused palettes. Not many, though.


It's not easy being cut

Fortress palette #2 is a green version of the standard fortress color scheme.


In a big-ass Game Boy

Giant stage palette #2 uses shades of gray with blue water.


What an odd sky

Plains palette #1, featuring a sky with a pinkish hue.

Palette 2 (使用) Palette 6 (未使用)
Blue? Or blue-green?

Palette #6 is nearly identical to the used Palette #2. The only difference is that the blue rectangles are blue-green.

Hidden Objects

There are a few stages with objects or scenery hidden behind other objects, possible remnants of older level designs.

隠されているタイル ゲームでの表示
A block!! Blocked off

World 4-1の滝の後ろには、単一のレンガが隠されています。

隠されているタイル ゲームでの表示
A cloud!! Clouded up?

World 5-2の最初の斜面の後ろに雲が現れます。


Toad Suit

It's-a me, Kinopio!

For some reason, the Hammer Suit item that pops out of large ? Blocks appears to actually be... a Toad Suit? The other items stored next to it, the Frog and Tanooki Suits, actually match their inventory sprites, so why this one is different is a complete mystery. Though it was fixed in the SNES and GBA remakes.

Jelectro Coins


Hitting a P-Switch in a level with Jelectros will cause them to turn into silver coins. However, the effect is purely visual, and Mario/Luigi will still get hurt if he tries to collect one. The oddly was fixed in the SNES and GBA remakes.